Monday, October 26, 2015

Galaxy Motors Master List

See here for the purpose of the list, end of post for abbrev.

Galaxy Names 
Dwarf Planets
Extra-Solar Planets [W]
Trans-Neptunian/Kupier Belt Objects
Named Asteroids
  • Adonis [W]:
  • Antiope [W]: 
  • Apollo: [W]:
  • Asclepius [W]:
  • Atami [W ]:
  • Bacchus [W]:
  • Balam [ ]:
  • Bennu [W]:
  • Castalia [W]:
  • Cuno [W]:
  • Didymos [W]:
  • Dionysus [W]:
  • Elektra [W]:
  • Eugenia [W]:
    • Petit-Prince [W]
  • Geographos [W]:
  • Golevka [W]:
  • Heracles [W ]:
  • Hermes [W ]:
  • Hypnos [W]:
  • Icarus [W]: 
  • Ishtar [W]:
  • Itokawa [W]:
  • Kalliope [W]: 
  • Kleopatra [W]:
    • Alexhelios [W]
    • Cleoselene [W]
  • Litva [W]:
  • Mette [W]:
  • Minerva [W]:
    • Aegis  [W]
    • Gorgoneion [W]
  • Mithra [W]:
  • Morpheus [W]:
  • Nereus [W ]:
  • Sekhmet [W]:
  • Sisyphus [W]:
  • Sylvia [W ]:
    • Romulus [W]
    • Remus  [W]
  • Toro [W]:
  • Toutatis [W]:
  • Phaethon [W]:
  • Wilson–Harrington [W]:  
  • YORP [W]:
Constellations [W] & Stars
For your reference and my use, I've made a master list of the names, and remaining possible names, for the Galaxy cars.  The main part of the list are the names of our solar system planets and moons.  There are many more Galaxy objects available (and I've put some on there)

W =  link to the Wikipedia page, if available.
D10 (or whatever number): the division,
Year in parenthesis is the model year.

* = I know, officially, Pluto is not a (full) planet, but (a) when I started Car Warsing, it was a planet, and (b) I truly don't give a hoot: it's always gonna be a planet in my Universe.

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