Saturday, October 3, 2015

Havi 2065 - Div25 Luxury (Update)

Type: Luxury, Chassis: Xtra-Heavy, Suspension: Heavy, Engine: Large (SC) (Pwr 2200, 10dp),  Tires: 4 Solids (12dp), Crew: Driver (no equip) Weaponry VMG (20/reg) in turret (2D area), 2 linked RL (10/AP) front (2D+2, no burst), HDFOJ (10/reg) back (1D-2, fire mod: 3/2), Weighted Accessories: IFE, Unweighted Accessories: HRSWC (to RLs), [1 total link], Dischargers: 10 total: 4 oil (FBRL) 3 smoke (1T, 1R 1L), 3 foam (1T 2U) Defenses: 4 bumper triggers (to oil & also linked to that side's weapons); Wheel Armor: 40 total = 2x10 pt WG rear, 2x10 pt WH front, Component Armor:  Power Plant = 9 pts LRFP over 5 spaces, Driver = 9 pts LRFP over 2 spaces, Cargo: No space, 1.4 lbs; Vehicle Armor: 153 pts sloped Composite (2 LR Metal/151 FP Plastic): F(0/30) B(0/30) R(0/35) L(0/35) T(0/16) U(2/5); HC: 3, Acc. 5,  Top Speed 90 (75/120), Cruising: 54, DM: 1, Hit Mod: 0, Weight: 6598.6 lbs. Max 6600, Cost: $24,982.50

Design Notes -This is an update of this 2037 design:
Luxury, Xtra-Heavy Chassis, Heavy Suspension, Super PP, 4 Solid Tires, Driver, VMG in turret, 2 linked RL front, HDSS back, HDFOJ back, HRTC, 170 pts Plastic Armor: F 40 B 30 R 30 L 30 T 20 U 20;  HC: 3, Acc. 5, 6590 lbs. (max 6600), $25,000.00

Back in the day, if I was $1000 over in a weight class, instead of tweaking the design, I just added a Hi-Res computer and accepted going up a class.  The options were seriously limited.  In any case, this design is seriously flawed, as seen by the mixing of weapons (which I kept in this upgrade, given the arbitrary rules I set for myself), as well as the combo of a HDSS with a HDFOJ (because FOJs create smoke clouds automatically!).   I also left off 1 pt armor to keep it under 25K.

In the update I took out the HDSS because it's unnecessary given the HDFOJ (which I did keep).  I used the found space for component armor and IFE (not enough space for sloping).  In trying to keep the Div25 price, I reduced the HRTC to a HRSWC (those stupid rocket launchers), and I needed to eschew my normal laser-reactive web defense system.

Name Notes -  It's nonsense; see the original.

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