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Amber Motors Master List

See here for the purpose of the list, end of post for abbrev. 

List of Amber Characters [Sources: (1) (2)]
(Spoilers Ahead)

Royal House of Amber
  • Benedict, son of Oberon (Prince): 
  • Bleys, son of Oberon (Prince): 
  • Brand, son of Oberon (Prince):
  • Caine, son of Oberon (Prince):
  • Clarissa, wife of Oberon, mother of Brand, Bleys & Fiona (Queen):
  • Coral, daughter of Oberon (Bastard Princess):
  • Corwin, son Oberon (Prince/Regent): 
  • Cymnea, wife of Oberon, mother of Osric, Finndo and Benedict (Queen):
  • Dalt, son of Oberon (bastard Prince):
  • Delwin, son of Oberon (Prince):
  • Dierdre, daughter of Oberon (Princess):
  • Dworkin Barimen, Lord of Chaos, father of Oberon, creator of Amber and the Pattern [W]:
  • Dybele, wife of Oberon, mother of Princess Flora (Queen):
  • Eric, son of Oberon (Prince/King):
  • Faiella, wife of Oberon, mother of Eric, Corwin, and Dierdre (Queen):
  • Finndo, son of Oberon (Prince):
  • Fiona, daughter of Oberon (Princess):
  • Flora aka Florimel, daughter of Oberon (Princess):
  • Gerard, son of Oberon (Prince): 
  • Ghostweel, AI “son” of Merlin :
  • Harla, wife of Oberon, mother of Delwin and Sand (Queen):
  • Julian, son of Oberon (Prince):
  • Llewella, daughter of Oberon (Princess):
  • Luke, son of Brand (Earl?):
  • Martin, son of Random (Earl?):
  • Merlin, son of Corwin (King of Chaos, Duke of Western Marches, Earl of Kolvir):
  • Mirelle, daughter of Oberon (Princess) :
  • Moins, consort of Oberon, mother of Llewella (Queen?):
  • Oberon, son of Dworkin and the Unicorn, (King): D100 Pickup (2063)
  • Osric, son of Oberon (Prince):
  • Paulette, wife of Oberon, mother of Random and Mirelle (Queen?):
  • Random, son of Oberon (Prince/King):
  • Rilga, wife of Oberon, mother of Caine, Gerard and Julian (Queen):
  • Rinaldo, see Luke:
  • Sand, daughter of Oberon (Princess):
  • Vialle, wife of Random (Queen):
From the Wiki page, here's a family tree organization of the family of Oberon:
  • by Cymnea
    • Benedict (orange, yellow, brown) 
      • Dara
    • Osric (silver & red)
    • Finndo (green & gold)
  • by Faiella
    • Eric (black & red)
    • Corwin (silver & black)
      • Merlin
        • Ghostwheel
    •  Deirdre (silver & black)
  • by Clarissa
    • Fiona (green, lavender, purple)
    • Bleys (red & orange)
    • Brand (green)
      • Luke aka Rinaldo
  • by Moins of Rebma
    • Llewlla (green, lavender, gray)
  • by Harla or Lora
    • Delwin (brown & black)
    • Sand (pale tan & dark brown)
  • by Rigla
    • Caine (black & green)
    • Julian (white & black)
    • Gerard (blue & gray): D50 Pickup (2063)
  • by Dybele
    • Flora aka Florimel (green & gray)
  • by Kinta
    • Coral
  • by Paulette
    • Random (orange, red, brown)
      • Martin
    • Mirelle (red & yellow)
  • by Deela
    • Dalt (black & green)

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