Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ganymede 2057 - Div80 Camper (Galaxy, Updated)

Camper, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Sport PP (PC & SC), driver & gunner, 6 FP PR-radials tires, active suspension, AC (10/reg) in turret, 2 linked GG front, 10 smoke dischargers, bumper triggers on all 4 sides, panic blast link to all weapons, 5 laser reactive webs linked to dischargers (all but under), 2 Hi-res computers, HD-ABS, 18 pts LRFP WG/WH, 9 pts LRFP CA around driver, 115 pts. LRFP Plastic armor: F20 B20 R20 L20 T20 U15;  HC 4, Acc. 5, Top 110, Pwr 3450, 7799.8 lbs., $79,900
  • FP Option - reg FP armor, 6 FP Solid-Radial tires, reduce WG/WH to 15 FP pts; 7799.6 lbs, $87,025

  • Fragile Option 1 - C/A Frame, upgrade PR to Solid tires, add Spoilers & Airdams, upgrade to 53 pts WG/WH 158 pts LRFP armor F30 B30 R35 L35 T15 U13; HC 4/5, Acc 5, Top 110, Pwr 3450, 7800 lbs., $109,575

Design Notes- This is an update of a combat veteran from 2037:  
Camper, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, driver, 4 SD tires rear, 2 PRR front, active suspension, AC with mag in turret, 2 GG (R, L), MG with HD ammo rear, bumper triggers on all 4 sides, panic blast link to 4 weapons, 6 smoke dischargers, IBA for driver, Hi-res computer, 122 pts. FP armor: F40, R30, L30, B30, T6, U20 {armor # are off, above is 156}; 4 10 pt WG; Acc. 5, HC 3, 7797 lbs., $59,280

I preserved the basic, cruddy, weapon system in order to retain the core identity, except for the MG because "why?"

Name Notes- Ganymede is the largest moon of Jupiter.

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