Sunday, October 14, 2007

Venus Without Furs 2057 - Div 10 Compact

Compact, Xhvy. Ch., Hvy. Sus., Medium PP, 4 PR tires, driver, HMG (15/reg) in turret, SS (10/reg) back, SWC, 10 pts. CA each around driver & PP, 184 pts. Plastic armor F40 B33 R38 L38 T20 U15; Acc. 5, Top 90, HC 3, 4124 lbs. (max 4200), $9992.00 

  • Option 1 - remove SWC, add BA for driver, 3 oil dischargers, 8 pts armor; 4197 lbs, $9996.00
  • Option 2 - remove SWC, add 5 oil dischargers, 3 bumper triggers, 8 pts armor; 4197, $9996.00
  • Superlight Venus - body is now only Hvy chassis, add PC to PP, upgrade HMG ammo to 15/HD, remove SS, only 9 pts CA around PP, 176 pts sloped plastic armor F40 B35 R30 L30 T22 U19; sides are -2 to hit; Top 95, 4068 lbs, $9996.80

Design Notes - After fiddling around with the design (part of the makeshift "HMG in a Turret" series), I realized I already made a version of this car with the Division 20 Venus. I discussed before about when two designs can be considered two different cars or just one car with a set of options. In general, I'd say the same car is one where the body size and basic weapon system is the same. Hence, I was going to add this design as an option to Venus. However, when typing it up, I realized there were so many changes (engine, tires, no ram etc), that needed to be made that I felt it was enough to define it as a whole 'nother car. Let the philosophers work this one out.

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