Thursday, August 30, 2007

Asteroid 2037 - Div10 Heavy Cycle & Sidecar (Galaxy)

Heavy Cycle, Hvy. Sus., Super Cycle PP, Driver, 2 PR tires, RR front, SD back, Armor F10 B10; Acc. 10, HC 2 (and with sidecar); 1295 lbs, $5990

Sidecar ("Asteroid Field) - Heavy CTS, Std. sus., RL in turret, PR tire; Armor: F2 RS B2 U1 T4; HC 1, 797 lbs., $3100 (total: $9600)

Design Notes: What's not to like? Well maybe that the sidecar can be blown away with 1 shot from an MG, but, hey, that's the biker life.

[Updated Nov 5, 2013]

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