Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Umbriel 2037 - RPG 40' RV (Galaxy)

40' RV, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Reg Truck PP, 10 Solid Tires, Driver & 2 Gunners, 8 Luxury passengers (3 spaces each); 4 RR (20/reg) in 2 4sp turrets, 2 linked AC (10/reg) front,  4 VMGs (20/reg): FR, FL, BR, BL, FOJ (25/reg) back, ramplate, 3 HRTC, 60 pts total for Wheelguards/Wheelhubs, 384 pts armor: F50 (ram), FL/FR/BL/BR 40, FT/FB/FU/BU 31; 25192 lbs (25200 max); $?

Design Notes - I think the truck designs came out not so long after the game began, yet the numbers for trucks (and later choppers) were so crazy in favor of huge amounts of weapons and armor, which either shows the later disregard for playtesting was present from the very beginning, or because they knew the car design rules were not effective and wanted to improve later rules without changing the early stuff.

Actually, the former seems way more plausible.  But it galls me how a van will have no armor to speak of (and the low HC) while a simple RV will be able to be virtually unstoppable.  I haven't designed trailers (those came out after my time) but I think it's the same problem.

Name Notes - This was unnamed, so like the others of this period, I'm using the moons of Uranus; Umbriel is from The Rape of the Lock .

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