Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chronos 2037 - Div30 Van (Galaxy) (Obsolete)

Updated here.

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, driver & gunner, 4 PR rear, 2 PRR front, 2 linked VMG front, 3 sp. turret with 3 MML (10/reg), MD + SD + SS + OJ + ID all linked rear; Hi-res to gunner; SWC to turret for driver; 98 pts Plastic Armor: F20 R20 L20 B20 T8 U10; Acc. 5, HC 3; 7192 lbs., $29,890

Design Notes - Ah, the 3 MML trick. That would be fine as long as special ammo (especially incendiaries, as long as the rule loophole still applies - i.e. that a 1d incendiary is as effective as 2d, so 2 MGs/MML will be more likely to ignite your enemy than 1 VMG/RL). The VMG, while fun, are unnecessary. In a modern van those 4 spaces MUST go to component armor.

This is obsolete because of the PRR problem. 

In looking at the original write-up, I see that I finally realized that the HRTC should go to the gunner and not the driver.

Name Notes-  As you can see from the original scan above, this car was originally called "Backaterror."  While I thought the name Chronos is galaxy related, there are two big problems: (a) I don't see any planet or moon named Chronos!  The best I can approximate is that it's the Greek name for Saturn.  (b) In Greek mythology there were two beings, Chronos the god of time and Cronus the father of Zeus.  Chronos isn't Saturn, Cronus is.  Woops. As a kid I was an expert in Greek Mythology and I just got this wrong.

[Updated Nov 8, 2013]

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