Monday, October 19, 2015

Enduro Supreme 2065 - Div55 Pickup

Type: Luxury, Chassis: Xtra-Heavy, Suspension: Heavy, Engine: 150 cid IC engine (Blue/VP/Spr), 5 gal. dueling tank, Tires: 6 Radial-Solids (11dp), Crew: Driver (no equip), Weaponry Laser in turret (3D, area, 1/0 burn), Laser front (3D, area, 1/0 burn), smartlinked, Weighted Accessories: Active Suspension, laser battery, Unwgt. Acces.: SWC, HD-antilock brakes, Overdrive, smartlinked, no-paint windshield, [0 total links], Dischargers: 10 total: 4 oil (FBRL) 6 paint (2T, 2U, 1R 1L), Defenses: 4 bumper triggers linked to oil disch & front weapon, Wheel Armor: 37 total = 2x10 pt WG rear, 17 pts WH front (choose), Component Armor 9 pts LRFP for (a) PP (3 sp), (b) Driver (2 sp), Cargo: 11 sp, 0 lbs.; Vehicle Armor: 101 pts Composite (38 LR Metal/63 Plastic): F(8/10) B(8/10) R(8/12) L(8/12) T(4/13) U(2/6); HC: 4, Acc. 15 (Overdrive 7.5),  Top Speed 70 (90), MPG: 44, Range 220, DM: 1, Hit Mod: 0, Weight: 7800 lbs. Max 7800, Cost: $54,767.50

    Design Notes - This design came from my update of the obsolete 2037 Enduro.  In general, I think I used too many campers when a pickup could do, and with the gas engines (not around, at least to my broke-asset  teenager, languishing with the original set & Al's 2035 alone) the space I wanted in a camper was more viable in a pickup.

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