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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Weapon: Retractable Tire Shredders

Retractable Tire Blades$250, 30lbs, 1 space, 0 DP.

This is something from James Bond and I included it in my replica of the Aston Martin DBV.

Those stats above are for the brushcutter, and while in general I think things should weigh more, I'm also a stickler for consistency.  The other model is the retractable wheelguards which are $250, 50lbs, and 1space per pair, which I'll add to this as well, but instead of front/back, "pair" will be per side.

The write-up for the brushcutter states: "Extends or retracts in one second. Extending or retracting [it] is a firing action." So we'll keep that as well.  In the movie, these came out of the center of the tires and were able to shred the target's tires and chew up the side metal.  I think that they must come out of the axle, and so I'm thinking that the car won't be able to turn when it's deployed.  Also, there should be a hazard for both vehicles while the damage is occurring.  Damage should occur for each second.

So, proposed rules are that once the blades are deployed, the car cannot turn the wheels or the blades will break.   Once extended, any vehicle component next to the blade will take 1d6 worth of damage per second of contact, depending on a 1d6 roll: 1-2 front tire, 3-4 side armor, 5-6 rear tire.  If tire is targeted, then WG/WH will be affected in their same rate as other targeting.  The attacking car sustains a D1 hazard, the targeted car sustains a D2.

Again, these rules are proposed.  This really needs to be playtested.

UPDATE: Reader "Pat G" suggests this modification, which I think makes sense: "can only make D1 maneuvers"- which would allow drifts into the target.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

There Really is a Styx Motor?!

I was on another computer and looking for my blog and found that there is actually a real company called Styx Motor (in Spain?). Heh, who knew?

Friday, October 25, 2013

End of 2037 Designs

As far as I can tell, I've found all my 2037 designs.  I'd be happy to find more, and it may happen, but for now that seems it.  Onto updates and new "2057" designs.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Stuff to have in Car Wars

As I only get into Car Wars every year in the early fall (I don't know why, but that is really what happens), I missed the announcement that they are going to be making a 6th edition.  I need to write the SJG folks with all my wonderful obsessive points and plans.  But even if the 6e stinks, I probably will stay in 2.5e with just a lot of home-brewed ideas. 

For some reason, this part of the game is my favorite, hence all my posts under the tag "weapon analysis".  I don't want full verisimilitude, but I think there needs to be some correspondence to what is useful in current anti-tank warfare (which is what CW is).

Part of the problem in calibrating the CW-RW (Car Wars - Real World) correspondence is that CW was slapped together with different mentalities over the 12 or so years of it's heyday (1981 to 1992; CWC2.5e was 1990, UACFH was 1992... although the pdf of CWC2.5 lists 1996 & 1998, so I wonder if that book is now more authoritative.)

I go through this part of the CW project/obsession every year as well.  It starts with analyzing the weapons, like the "The State of the Art, 2039,Part I", by Craig Sheeley and Charles Oines (and HTMLized by Gustav Dahlström); see all my blog posts for the whole Sturm und Drang.

What I want to do with this post is to get the notes down of what I think needs to be added, for now (unless noted, all pictures are from the linked Wiki article):
  • Personal equipmentPistol Gripped Sawed Off Double Barreled Shotgun (PGSODBSG, or "Mad Max Gun" or even "Bronze Gun").  As I tipped off, this is the weapon of the police force, the Bronze, in the Mad Max movies.  And how can that *not* be in Car Wars?! (Note, the pic below is  from Rage, a computer game that came out in 2011, and I totally missed it!  It looks like a Mad Max/CW hybrid game, coooooool!)
  • Mini-Multiple-Fire-Rocket-Pod (I wrote it up already, here). Cloest to the Hydra 70mm rocket system.
  • Minigun - 30 cal gatling gun.  I've written about it here, and here, and I realize that I really should consolidate all of this.  Hrm.
  • Grenade Machine Gun (GMG) - like the Mk 19, which was used even in Vietnam. 
  • 25mm Chain Gun - the famed M242 Bushmaster, which could possibly be the CW "Autocannon"
  • 20mm Autocannon - like the famed 20mm Oerlikon, back in use since WWII!, which could be the CW "heavy machine gun" 
  • 40mm Bofors - This may be too big for standard CW vehicles.Still, it's an old military standby, in use since 1934!  
  • 30mm Avenger - Oh baby, the best of the best, the 30mm GAU-8 Avenger.  For all I know, this could be the RFTG (6 spaces), the HVMG (3), or the GC (5).
  • 25mm Equalizer - A lesser known Avenger type. To quote from the Wiki: "GAU-12/U Equalizer is a five-barrel 25 mm Gatling-type rotary cannon." (Pic from here).  Same quetions as above, is this the HMVG or GC?
I can add more later, but that's all for the ballistic weapon system.  Most antitank weapons nowadays are actually missiles and as far as I can tell, most of the missiles have been taken care of with the Aeroduel nonsense.  Since most CW cars are designed to carry laser guided rockets, that actually fits the current state of the art, and that wasn't the full intention of the CW designers.  Which shows that it actually makes sense.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nifty Idea - Laser Paint Array

I don't know if this works, but I am proffering it as a nifty idea to be tested.  The working title is the Styx Laser Paint Array. This requires:
  1. 4-5 laser reactive webs
  2. a PS with a full load, and hooked up under the car so that if fired, it will put a paint cloud on the car itself.
  3. a no-paint windshield (critical)
  4. all of the webs hooked up to trigger the PS.  I think 1 link should take care of this; each array already costs a link each (as far as I know), and I'm rules-ruling that 1 is enough.
As you can piece together, the idea is that if any of the webs is triggered by a laser, the PS will fire.  PS (as opposed to SS) have 25 shots, so this will work for a whole battle.  With the no-paint windshield, your car will be unaffected (except for a constant paint bath; I recommend using glossy black), except if you have laser weapons - not a small drawback.

Total Styx Laser Paint Array system is: $2200, 75lb, 1 space, 2 DP =  (5 webs $500, 1 link $50, NPW $1000, PS $650/75/1/2).

Feedback desired.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Clip-Art Resources

Within the past year, I've found two good sources for "vector drawings" of vehicles to eventually modify for Styx Motors. I may even use them unmodified until I can do more work on them...
  1.  Mr Clipart  
  2. The
Examples in order:
Mr Clipart

Car Wars Compendium 2.5 Online

Someone put on Scribd the CWC 2.5. For the record, I bought this a few years ago from e23 with my own money.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

New MADHAT designers!

Boy, have I been out of it! This is great news, the new MADHAT designers are ready for download. This time, Jimmy Anderson made 4, one for cars, trucks, trailers, boats.

Thanks Jimmy!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

More Old Designs Coming

Recently I moved to a new state and it's been a slow process to get my footing. One good aspect of the move is that my house is now much bigger and so I've been moving in things from storage. As such, I found a whole new batch of my 2037 (1987) designs. There may be some repeats, and it will take me time to determine if they're arena-legal (to quote Fletch: "there've been a lot of changes in the law!") but I thought it would be best, and most fun, to just upload them first and ask questions later.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

State of the Art, 2011 Edition - Part 1, introduction

As seen in the obsessions about weapon analysis, I am committed to finding out what the Car Wars weapons are in our real world terms. Why?
  1. Because even more than playing the game, I like designing cars (as this website attests) and the best cars to design are replicas of fictional entities (like James Bond vehicles) or of fearsome real-world vehicles (like the Apache helicopter).
  2. Because in general, my imagination is engaged when I can picture the car's behavior using real-world analogues. I like the VMG not just because of game dynamics but because the real-world Vulcan, especially in the F-15 Eagle, is so awesome and practical. And, in contrast, since I can't imagine just what SJG means by an "autocannon" I have trouble with that weapon and the game world.
  3. Because whenever new weapons are introduced by the game-makers or the fans, having real world cognates will help keep the game balanced. Even though I suggested that a MG and an RR aren't weapons but just the average guns for their sizes, at the same time the (idiotic) "blast cannon" was introduced as a large RR, and even the AC is supposed to be some large machine gun. What gives?
Just by going with game names alone, I was going to attempt to recreate the real-world cognates, starting with the "MG" as the 50 caliber M2A1 "Ma Deuce." This is based on the very first page of the very first booklet (c) 1981 which stated:
Eight years ago: "Crazy Joe" Harshman wins Fresno destruction derby by mounting a surplus .50-caliber machine gun in his Chevy.
That's as good as I can get to think that the MG in the original game is 50 caliber (and, probabilities being what they are, is the M2A1). This also meant that the M2 does 1d damage - and considering that M2s are used in an anti-aircraft role, even in 2011, 1d is a heckuva lot of damage!

Next easily identified weapon is the Vulcan Machine Gun. There actually is something called a Vulcan (see above) and it's 20mm with 3-6 barrels. One Vulcan is good enough for an F-15 to take down another fighter jet. Those babies do 2d damage, no problem compared to 50 cal's 1d. And the Gatling gun action explains the higher accuracy. These 2 weapons can give me a basic system, the Box Set System, to extrapolate. Or so I thought.

I was also told there's an "Anti-Tank Gun" (whose picture, in the first Uncle Al's, made it look like an actual tank gun), but there's not something like that term in common use. Recoilless Rifles are rarely used as well. And rocket launchers? That's either the Hydra 70mm system, or the simple Bazooka and its descendants. These did not adapt well to a real-life system. And that would have been OK, had the whole Car Wars Military scene not expanded in impossible directions. In real life, an Autocannon, for example, is just a big machine-gun. MFRP all come with ripple-fire and can be 19 shots - even at once.

All this confusion would be bad enough if the ADQ didn't introduce the first official comprehensive attempt to actually explain the whole system. According to "The State of the Art, 2039,Part I", By Craig Sheeley and Charles Oines (and HTMLized by Gustav Dahlström) make these claims about the weaponry of the Car Wars world (this is cut and pasted from the HTML site with sci-fi weaponry deleted and typos fixed):
Weapons Definitions

Machine Gun - A 5-6mm machine gun firing rifle charge rounds at a cyclic rate of about 1,200 rounds per minute. In use this figure is smaller, since the gun is not continually discharged. Most MGs use caseless-propellant rounds, although some use brass or plastic cased rounds. Cased-round MGs typically have a slower rate of fire, around 800 rpm.

Vulcan Machine Gun - A 5-6mm multi-barrel machine gun firing rounds identical to the MG but firing more of them. Typically VMGs have two to three barrels and fire at 2,000 rounds per minute, cyclic. VMGs always use caseless ammunition.

Autocannon - A 10-20mm cannon firing cased high-explosive rounds at a cyclic rate of 400-600 rounds per minute.

Recoilless Rifle - A 3Omm recoilless rifle, firing a 2-lb. high-explosive anti-tank fin-stabilized round in classic recoilless fashion. The muzzle velocity is low due to the lack of enough propellant to shoot the shell; the recoilless principle of 20% propellant to 80% backblast leaves the 21/2 lbs. of propellant too small for high-velocity. RR-armed cars can occasionally be identified by the "exhaust pipes" necessary for venting the backblast.

Anti-Tank Gun - A classic 37-40mm projectile gun; the base design is over 120 years old. The ATG fires a 4-5 lb. cased high-explosive or fin-stabilized, discarding-sabot round at fair muzzle velocity.

Blast Cannon - A 6Omm recoilless rifle, twice the size of the standard RR. It has the same drawbacks and strengths as the RR.

Tank Gun - A short-barreled 75mm/3" cannon firing high-explosive or fin-stabilized discarding-sabot rounds. (Unscrupulous advertisers have billed it as a 105mm gun in the past. This is a falsehood.) The base design of this cannon dates back 150 years.

Grenade Launcher - An automated grenade launcher, firing 1-lb. cased grenades with an auto-loading mechanism.

Mini Rocket - A 20mm rocket.

Light Rocket
- A 25mm rocket. This is also the size used by VLAWs.

Micro-missile Launcher
- A ten-shot launcher for 25mm rockets.

Six-Shooter - A six-shot ripple-fire launcher using 25mm rockets.

Variable-Fire Rocket Pod - A 30-shot advanced ripple-fire launcher for 25mm rockets.

Medium Rocket - A 40mm rocket. This is also the size used by LAWs.

Rocket Launcher - A ten-shot launcher for 4Omm rockets.

Heavy Rocket
- A 67mm rocket. This is also the size used by bazookas.

Wire-Guided Missile - A 67mm warhead...
Radar-Guided Missile - A 67mm warhead...
Surface-to-Air Missile - An 80mm warhead...
Problems with this list.
Where to begin? Well, a 5mm MG is just laughable. That's called a "light machine gun" today and is definitely not used in an anti-armor role - which is what *all* weapons in Car Wars need to be continued (hence every gun is technically an anti-tank gun). An M249 cannot be expected to tear apart an armored car. And a 5mm Gatling Gun is called a micro-gun and is similarly not meant for vehicles.

Most of the State of the Art details are implausible and make my task much harder. Moreover, I believe many other weapons were developed by SJG based on the ADQ scale - and that frankly makes it worse and worse. The "Heavy Machine Gun" is hard to understand according to my Box Set System - because above 50 cal, a MG is called a cannon (or even an autocannon). But in the ADQ system, the HMG is probably the 50 cal MG.

So what I plan to do is analyze the whole system based on current real-life, doing the best I can with what is frankly a broken, or at least bifurcated, base.


When doing research on weapons, I have needed to go to outside resources than my own military experience (health reasons kept me out of the main military but I have done my share of voluntary paramilitary defense work in the middle-east; nothing to brag about and I've never been under small arms fire, but my knowledge of things that go bang still needs to come from research).

1. Weapons: An International Encyclopedia from 5000 BC to 2000 AD, by The Diagram Group.
I fell in love with this book as a teenager, right when I started playing Car Wars. When I became an adult, with my own income, I had that realization one day that I could actually buy stuff I liked (a middle class child vs. middle class adult makes all the difference).

2. Encyclopedia of Modern U.S. Military Weapons by Timothy M. Laur.
This is a very comprehensive book that isn't for the guy looking for pretty pictures. It's detail rich and covers almost every aspect of what a weapons researcher would need.

3. The Intertubes. God Bless This Web.

Started 10-17-2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blueprints - Cars

In an incredible stroke of googling luck, I came across this mind blowing website, The Blueprints Dot Com, that has picture schematics of cars (see the side pic of a 1940 Lincoln Continental) - in the index of pictures look for a checkmark in the "T" column for "top view". This is the link for only vector drawings. There's also weapons, planes, tanks, and much more. Thank you intertubes!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cleaned Out Links

I cleaned out the deadwood from the links today (sorry to see some favorites go, like TSAR). If you want me to add something, just pop a line.

CWC 2.5 at e23!

Or, for the acronymically challenged, the Car Wars Compendium 2nd Edition 5th Printing is now available for purchase as a PDF at e23, the Steve Jackson Games website! We (the aging CW community) have been waiting for this for years - it's the most definitive set of the CW rules, trapped in a time capsule (ironically, like the basic narrative of the game) and had been only available on ebay for the high two digits of greenbacks. I bought mine today, and I recommend you get yours as well - if anything to convince the Illuminati that we still want the (original) game.

Thanks Steve (Jackson)!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Revising the AADA vol. 3

As avid readers may have noticed, most of my work on this page occurs around this time of year; it's no coincidence - my tricky brian gets re-obsessed with Car Wars when the school year begins. Maybe it's the commuting. No bother. Anyway, this year I managed to purchase the latter two AADA Vehicle Guides, vol. 2 & 3. Volume two meets the same density and interest of Vol. 1 but Vol. 3 is pathetic! There are typos, clear math errors, and blatant mismatches between the cars and the accompanying counters. And, to quote 'Guy' (where I got the cover pics): "the designs themselves were often flawed or illegal."

Flawed, illegal, and clearly wrong. The AVG3 is an early sign that SJGames wasn't caring too much about Car Wars. In any case, I'm taking it upon myself to revise these monstrosities. These revised cars will be under this special tag.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pyramid: Uncle Al's 2050 Catalog Supplement

Finally finally finally, Steve Jackson Games allowed their Car Wars articles up on the intertubes, including a long lost article on the [insert retching sound] Stickyfoam: Pyramid: Uncle Al's 2050 Catalog Supplement. Thanks to Michael Owens of SWAT for letting me know, here.

Here's the crucial data, just in case something happens:

Stickyfoam Sprayer (SfS) - $750, 25 lbs, 2 spaces, 3 DP; 25 shots ($30 and 2 lbs each). Loaded cost $1,500, loaded weight 75 lbs.; loaded magazine costs $800 and weighs 65 lbs. The sprayer mixes two binary chemicals to produce an instant 1" x 1/2" patch of stickyfoam. Any hazard suffered or maneuver performed on stickyfoam adds D4 to the difficulty; stickyfoam also does 1 point of damage to each tire and slows the vehicle down by 5 mph per 1/2" of stickyfoam crossed. Stickyfoam does not burn or melt, but its effects can be negated by Sand Ammo, Stickyfoam Neutraliser, or Superacid. Pedestrians entering a square with stickyfoam will be stuck fast until the foam biodegrades or is neutralised.

Catalytic Spikes -- $60 and 5 lbs each. Look just like regular spikes and are loaded in a regular spikedropper. A loaded magazine costs $650 and weighs 65 lbs. Does 1d damage to tires, no damage to solids, like regular spikes - but injects a chemical that continues to dissolve the rubber, doing 1 point of damage every second turn, even to solid tires, until the tire disintegrates completely. Plasticore tires will take 4 points of damage before being reduced to bare plastic; damage will then stop.

Crystal Spikes -- $30 and 4 lbs each. Do damage just like regular spikes and are loaded in a regular spikedropper. A loaded magazine costs $350 and weighs 45 lbs. Made of transparent plastic, Crystal Spikes can be seen on a roll of 1 at 6" distance, on a 1-2 at 5", on a 1-3 at 4", and so on; Visibility Targeting Modifiers apply. Not available in Catalytic, Explosive or Incendiary versions.

Pyrophoric Oil -- Any standard oil jet or discharger can drop Pyrophoric Oil. CPS 5x normal, WPS normal. Pyrophoric oil won't burst into flame until the pressure-sensitive microbeads inside are crushed, causing a chemical reaction (50 lbs to trigger anti-personnel version, 300 lbs to trigger anti-vehicle version) that ignites the slick. Damage and other effects as a Flaming Oil Jet. Volatile weapon.

Pic from the SJGames site.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ADQ Online

Autoduel Quarterly was, for 10 years and 40 issues, the official magazine for Car Wars. Then Steve Jackson games folded it into Pyramid (which is still published), and Car Wars articles became quite scarce.

Somehow, depsite that they are sold in PDF form, Steve Jackson Games allowed the ADQs to be HTMLized and placed online. I mean, you can't buy the major rulebooks except for major dinero on ebay, yet the ADQs are free? I won't argue, I'm glad, and I want the good thing to last.

Available: 1(1); 2(2,3,4); 3(1,2,3); 4(1,3,4); 5(1,2,3,4); 6(1,4); 7(1,2,3,4); 8(1,2,3); 9(1,2,4); 10(2,3)

Missing: 1(2,3,4*); 2(1); 3(4); 4(2); 6(2,3); 8(4)*; 9(3); 10(1,4)

Other people have HTMLized 1(4) & 8(4). When I find more online, I'll post 'em in the links.

Image hotlinked from the ADQ page, cover chosen is of the first ADQ I purchased back in the day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Death Race 2008/3000 Trailer

Holy macaroni, how did I miss this? This movie looks like car-wars. If Steve Jackson games were in any way intelligent, they'd do a product tie-in and make a bundle.

  1. The movie webpage.
  2. See this article for more details about the cars in the movie.
  3. An attempt, by MIB 1473 on the SJGames Forum, to depict the main character (the car) in CW terms:
    Luxury; Extra Heavy chassis; Heavy suspension; 200 cid Engine w/Tubes, BP, VP Turbo, Super, Overdrive; 4 PR Steel Radial tires. Driver, Passenger. 2xAutoCannon w/10xStandard each linked F; Oil Jet w/25xOil B; Smokescreen w/10xSmoke B; Light Flamethrower w/10xStandard B. Tinted Windows; 3xLink (SS-OJ, SS-OJ-ACs, OJ-LFT); HD Shocks; HD Brakes; ABS; Spoiler; Airdam. 32 pts. Metal (F: 8 R: 8 L: 8 B: 8 T: 0 U: 0). Cost: $44,685, Wgt: 6,550, HC: 4 (5), Top Speed: 97.5 (117.5), Accel: 20 (15).
h/t owenmp at the forum.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Admin: Substitute Counters

The obsessive compulsive in me felt that every car in this virtual showroom should have an accompanying photo, but the realist in me recognized that (a) it would take way too long to draw a counter for all the 2037 and/or obsolete cars, and (b) most of the old cars suck and would never be used. Hence I came up with the logo use see to your left.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Div10 Discussion

The gladiator series is going well, but when looking to see what to make the official Div10 version, I saw that I have a number of very strong Div10 designs already on the books. I'm wondering whether I should make a new one or just choose one of the existing:
  1. Venus - compact with turreted HMG & 186 pts armor
  2. Nasty - Compact with front ATG (APFSDS) & 207 pts armor
  3. Chewer - front VMG with ramplate & 147 pts armor.
Or make a new one. If anyone has an opinion, comment away.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Counter Followup

Rick Havok, in the comments on this post, says there's a (new) tool to help make car counters. To quote the man hisself:
I found the answer to better counters! Go to and download it. It's a free 3-D rendering program from google. What's great about it is that you can borrow car models that other people have made and posted online - for free - and position the camera above it for a top down view.
I haven't tried it yet, but when I do I'll name a car after Mr. Havok (whose name works well for cars, no?)