Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hekaton 2063 - RPG Luxury (Galaxy)

Type: Luxury, Chassis: Xhvy, Suspension: Hvy., Engine: Large PP (PC & SC, Pwr 2300), Tires: 4 FP-Solids, Crew: Driver & 2 passengers (all 3 have Blended BA & FP suits); Weaponry: 2 MG (20/incen) in turret, FOJ (25/reg) back, PS (25/normal) back, defenses linked, Weighted Accessories: rollcage, 3 safety seats, FE, Unweighted Accessories: HRSWC, HD-Antilock brakes, HTM, overdrive, tinted no-paint windshield, LDR, surge protector, anti-theft system; [7 total links]; Dischargers: 10 total: 4 oil (FBRL) 6 smoke (2T, 2U, 1R 1L); Defenses: Styx Defensive System*; Wheel Armor: 24 pts WG/WH, Component Armor: 9 pts LRFP each for (a) PP [5 sp.] and (b) driver and passenger area [4 sp.], Vehicle Armor: 150 pts Plastic: F(30) B(30) R(30) L(30) T(15) U(15); HC 3, Acc. 5 (HTM 10/Overdrive 2.5), Top 92.5 (67.5/112.5), Weight: 6598 lbs., (6600 Max), Cost: $40,580.00

* Styx Defensive System = 6 Smoke Dischargers linked to 5 laser reactive webs (F, B, R, L, T; covering tires of those sides as well) & 4 bumper triggers (to oil & also linked to that side's weapons)
  • Option - load MGs with 10 shots each, upgrade FE to IFE; save $550

  • Option - exchange MGs for a VMG with 10 shots; save $975
Design Notes -This was in my draft file, dated Oct 16, 2011.  It's a passenger car for the highway.  It's been so long since I've thought in a RPG way, that I don't remember what things would be needed (I've added a few, like the radio).  The WG/WH are thinner than I'd like because of the personal equipment.  That's 24 lbs - 6 WG - that can be added.  True, I could've taken it off the main armor, but if I see any car with less than 30 on a side, I think it's dead meat.

Originally this had my "Golden Triangle" of weapons: (1) VMG, (2) FOJ, (3) MD.  I changed VMG because of weight and the MD because I wanted a space for the FE.

What I need to determine is if a rollcage, and FE for that matter, worth less WG and/or vehicular armor?

Name Notes -Hekaton is short for the Hecatonchires - the freaky looking 100 armed dudes in Greek mythology.  This is the named group for a set of some of the moons of Saturn.

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