Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Venus - Div20 Compact (Galaxy)

Compact, Xhvy. Ch., Hvy.-Active Sus., Large PP (PC/SC), 4 PR-Radials tires, driver, HMG (10/incend) in turret, 5 Smoke/Oil Dischargers, Ramplate, 5 bumper triggers, active suspension, spoiler & airdam, HDHTM, HD brakes, 10 pts. FP CA around driver, BA for driver; 174 pts. Sloped Plastic armor F40 [ram] B30 R33 L33 T20 U18; Acc. 10 (HDHTM 20), Top 120 (80), HC 5 (6 over 60), 4439 lbs., $19,871.20

Ammo Options - Either exchange ammo from 10/Incendiary to 10/HD or 20/reg, remove 9 pts of armor, 4435 lbs., $19,992.50

Design Notes - This has been tweaked a lot, but I am impressed with the versatility and the balance.

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