Friday, October 4, 2013

Iapetus 2057 - Div35 Van (Galaxy, Updated)

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Super PP, 6 PR-Radials Tires, Driver & Gunner; AC (10/reg) in 3sp turret, 2 linked RL (10/reg) front, SS (10/reg) back, DSP under, 2 TC, 10 oil/smoke dischargers, linked to 5 laser reactive webs (F, B, R, L, T) and 4 bumper triggers (also linked to that side's weapons) 21 pts WG/WH, 9 pts LRFP CA each around PP and driver and RLs. 110 pts sloped Plastic Armor: F20 B20 R24 L24 T15 U7; HC 3 Acc. 5 Top 95 Pwr 2600 7196.6 lbs. $34,240

Design Notes -Update of this van:  
Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Super PP, driver, 2 gunners, 4 SD tires back, 2 PR tires front, AC in 3 sp. turret, 2 linked RL front, RL back, SS back, 3 targeting computers, 94 pts. Armor: F20, R17, L17, B20, T10, U10. Acc. 5, HC 2, 7191 lbs. $29,850

I've left the main weapon system, but I couldn't get the cost down to the original div30.  I looked into changing the front RLs to another AC (and add smartlinking) but that gave me too much weight, and extra space, and all the ways I'd fix that would have changed the essence of the vehicle.

Name Notes - Iapetus is a moon of Saturn.

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