Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Janus - Div30 Van (Galaxy)

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Sport PP, driver & gunner, 6 PR-Radial tires, 3 MML (10/AP) in turret, OG (10/reg) front, 2 PGS and 2 Hot Smoke GSS (1 BL 1 BR 2 Back), DSP under, 7 oil/smoke dischargers (linked to 4 bumper triggers); HD brakes, 2 targeting computers,; 10 pts FP-CA each around driver, PP, and OG; Driver has BA & FP suit, both crew have PFE. 133 pts. plastic Armor: F(21) B(21) R(30) L(30) T(20) U(11); Acc. 5, Top 105, HC 3, 7195, $29,890

Design Notes - This came about from the updating of Tethys (the name is another moon of Saturn). This has a much better balance of weaponry than the original; still - as a van - the armor is light (not counting the 30 pts Comp Armor + DSP).

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