Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tethys - Div40 Van (Updated)

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Sport PP, driver & gunner, 6 PR-FP-Radial tires, 3 MML (10/AP) in turret, BC (10/reg) front, MD (10/reg) back, DSP under, 7 oil/smoke dischargers (linked to 4 bumper triggers); HD-ABS, HRSWC (gunner to MML), 2 SWC (gunner to BC, driver to MML); 10 pts FP-CA each around driver, PP, BC, and MD. Driver has BA & FP suit, both crew have PFE. 117 pts. plastic Armor: F20 B20 R23 L23 T20 U10; Acc. 5, Top 105, HC 3, 7191, $39,560

Design Notes - This is an update of this 2037 design, and, as such, it suffers from the van messiness of 20 years before. I updated as much as possible while retaining the original weaponry (3 turreted MML, 2 linked RR front, 5 PS all around, MD back) with the Absolute Van Necessities: every van must have a gunner, component armor around the driver & PP (and maybe the rest of the equipment) and if possible a spike-drop plate. All those are cheap armor and until the van armor is priced lower, I'll use the loophole. I think these designs show that vans really should go with the One Big Gun structure and use the space for large & light weapons (e.g. defenses)

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