Friday, October 9, 2015

Antiope 2065 - Div25 Luxury (Galaxy, Updated)

Type: Luxury, Chassis: Xtra-Heavy, Suspension: Heavy, Engine: Sport (SC) (Pwr 3300, 12dp), Tires: 4 Solid Tires (12dp), Crew: Driver (no equip) & Gunner (no equip), Weaponry VMG (20/incen) in turret (2D area, burn 2/1), 2 linked MFRP front (1Dx6, burst) Weighted Accessories: IFE, Unweighted Accessories: HD brakes, HDHTM, Dischargers: 10: 4 oil (FBRL) 6 foam (2T, 2U, 1R 1L) Defenses: n/a; Wheel Armor: 40 total = 2x10 pt WG rear, 2x10 pt WH front, Component Armor:  Power Plant = 10 pts FP over 6 spaces, Driver = 10 pts FP over 2 spaces, Cargo: No space, no weight; Vehicle Armor: 92 pts Composite Armor (19 Metal/73 Plastic): F(4/13) B(4/13) R(4/16) L(4/16) T(1/10) U(2/5); HC: 3, Acc. 10 (HDHTM 20),  Top Speed 120 (80), Cruising: 72, DM: 1, Hit Mod: 1, Weight: 6600 lbs. Max 6600, Cost: $24,960.00
  • Option - remove gunner, slope the armor, modify composite to 67 pts (29 Metal/38 plastic): F(6/6) B(5/6) R(7/8) L(7/8) T(2/5) U(2/5); $24,981.00

Design Notes - Updated from this obsolete 2037 design:
Luxury, Xtra-Heavy Chassis, Heavy Suspension, Thundercat PP, 4 PR Tires, Driver & Gunner; VMG (20/HD-incen) in turret, 2 linked MFRPs front, 125 pts Plastic Armor: F 30 B 25 R 20 L 20 T 15 U 15; HC: 3, Acc. 10, 6600 lbs., $24,650.00
It was obsolete because of the ammo (and, in a sense, because of the unnecessary T-cat engine).  This was a design challenge but I think I managed it (with the help of the MADHAT excel sheet - that little tool makes this whole blog viable).  I'm not sure if I need the gunner, hence the option.

In recent days, I've realized that HD brakes are more important than my laser array stuff and I'm giving primacy to that now. 

Name Notes - See the original; it's good.

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