Monday, October 26, 2015

Car Series Name Lists Introduction

For (certain admittedly OCD) housekeeping reasons, I want to make some ordered master lists of the car series I have.  I created these car serieses to organize my mess of hundreds of truly random cars; there's only rare pretext to connect a car design to its namesake. The main series are:

  1. Amber: From Roger Zelazny's book series; [tag], [list]
  2. Design Contests: to design the replicas (a lot of overlap); [tag], [list]
  3. Elemental: Chemicals from the periodic Table of elements; [tag], [list]
  4. Galaxy: From planets, their moons, and other astro-objects; [tag], [list]
  5. Imperial: from the names of Roman Emperors; [tag], [list]
  6. Replicas: for designs that simulate famous fictional vehicles (e.g. James Bond's cars) ([tag], [list]) 
This list will be updated as well as the individual name lists (whenever possible).

W =  link to the Wikipedia page, if available.
D10 (or whatever number): the division,
Year in parenthesis is the model year.

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