Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nunam - Div5 Subcompact (Galaxy)

Subcompact, Heavy Chassis, Light Suspension, Small PP (PC) (5dp), 4 HD Tires (6dp), Driver (no equip), FT (10/reg) front, HRSWC, 27 pts Plastic Armor: F 6 B 5 R 7 L 7 T 1 U 1; HC: 2, Acc. 5, Top Speed 90, Pwr 840, 2445 lbs. (max 2530), $4,997.00
  • RL Option - Subcompact, Standard Chassis, Light Suspension, Small PP (5dp), 4 Standard Tires (4dp), Driver (no equip), RL (8/reg) front, HRSWC, 20 pts Plastic Armor: F 4 B 4 R 5 L 5 T 1 U 1; HC: 2, Acc. 5, Top Speed 95, Pwr 800, 2110 lbs. (max 2300), $5,000.00

Design Notes - As I said here with Weywot, this started as a project to get a HRSWC into a div5 car.  I started with a RL and that forced a design with almost has the bare minimum of components and still be called a car.  Then I realized that the FT is cheaper, and a FT plus HRSWC is pretty effective, I'd imagine.  The FT design was so much better that I made it the primary.  Both still lack armor for my confidence though.

Subcompacts' higher HC allows me to save some money with a light suspension, and every dollar counts in this division.

Name Notes -From the Wiki: "79360 Sila–Nunam (IAU name: 79360 Sila–Nunam) is a double classical Kuiper belt object (cubewano) with components of almost equal size, orbiting beyond Neptune in the Solar System. The name of the system is the combined names of the two bodies, Sila and Nunam."

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