Monday, November 12, 2007

Armageddon I 2057 - Div100 Van (Updated)

Van, C/A frame, Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., Sport PP (PC/SC), driver, 6 SD (FP+Radial) tires, 3 space turret with ITL, LGL to 3 AP-HR & each with 3 space Rocket Magazines (12 HR total), DSP below, 8 smoke/oil dischargers, cyberlink, fake ramplate, spoiler & airdam, HD-ABS, HD shocks, HTM & Overdrive, No-Paint Tinted Windshield, 4 bumper triggers, driver has Blended BA & FP Suit; 10 pts FP CA around driver & around PP, 2 10 pt. FP WG back, 146 pts. FP plastic Armor: F30 B30 R30 L30 T15 U11; Acc 5, Top 115 (85/135); HC 4(5); 7197 lbs., $91,410

  • Option - remove fake ramplate, add SD (10/explosive) back linked with back & under dischargers, remove 1 pt of WG, 7198 lbs. $91,790

Design Notes - This is an update of this (which is itself a pretty common design). 12 Shots and no defensive weapons (outside of the dischargers), the C/A frame, and light-ish armor, make this a risky car. But with a to-hit of 3 (and the great thing about the TL is that if you can keep firing it even without a rocket to get the sustained hit bonus, which would make those 9d+9 rockets a sweet smackdown.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Grenade Launcher, part 3 - Another idea

I had asked a bunch of questions about the Grenade Launcher here and the answers are here. The impetus for my questions is a combination of: (1) not understanding the grenade scatter rules and (2) wondering why the grenade launcher in car wars is so wimpy compared to the real-world munition of Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs).

Car Wars has impact-fuses for the GL and I thought that would make the weapon like the impact-happy RPG. RPGs are a major, hand-held, tank-killer. They were used to devestating effect in the fiasco we know as "Black Hawk Down."

What I've come to accept - to the point where I'd establish that this should be an official "game fact" - is that the real-world RPG is not the Car Wars GL but the Car Wars Rocket Launcher. This makes sense - a 'medium rocket' is 1 space, 1 shot, 50 lb, 2 die damage weapon while a 'rocket launcher' is a 2 die damage but 10 shots in 2 spaces. The unguided nature of the single shot rockets means they're large and cheap (it's just a rocket engine plus a bunch of explosives). The Rocket launcher is a smaller explosive but the aiming mechanism, plus the fuel of the launcher, makes up the full 2 spaces.

Grenade Launcher, Part 2 (Followup)

This is part 2 of the Grenade Launcher discussion, with the answers provided by the jolly-good-dudes from the Steve Jackson Games forum.

Here are the questions in bold with the answers (provided by SJGames member "Norcross"). Note, I realized after I asked the questions, that I didn't fully understand the Grenade Scatter Rules. Woops.

1. What is the range of a hand-held GL? Is it 5"? (which I've been told is the range of a hand-thrown grenade)
  • A hand-thrown grenade has a range of 5". Any other hand-held projectile weapon (including a grenade launcher) has a range of 20" unless otherwise specified.

    2. If a (car) GL has impact-fused ammo, then does the fuse go off when the shot hits the designated target or do the grenade scatter rules apply first?
  • Both :-) The grenade doesn't hit until after you roll for scatter (to find out where it will hit).

    3. If there are scatter rules, then what happens if the 'to hit' roll is under 7 - does that mean the shot went off into the stratosphere? And if so, this suggests firing the GL engenders two risks - whether you hit on the 7 and even then, you don't really 'hit' (Ed. this is where my ignorance shows)
  • That's what the scatter rules cover. The distance it scatters depends on how badly you miss your to-hit roll.

    4. Does the 'to hit' of the GL, especially with impact fuses, allow using the GL like an Oil Gun? That is, by using the +4 to hit a patch of ground, the impact grenade with a Flaming Oil load is a smaller Oilgun and with a smoke-grenade load it's a 'smoke gun' (for point-shot smoke screens).
  • I hadn't thought of that before, but I guess you could. It wouldn't be as good as an Oil Gun, but it would be smaller. Also, the +4 only applies at point-blank range - if your target is even 1" away, you don't get the bonus.
  • (From Josephey) As far as the +4 for aiming at the ground, I'm not sure if it would apply with the GL because you have to pick a specific point on the ground to target (and to base scatter from). A specific point isn't as big as 'the ground,' and in my opinion wouldn't warrant a +4. Also, if you're trying to put a grenade on the ground in front of a moving vehicle you'll have to add speed mods.

    5. According to this AADA News (Pyramid #30) article, NOVA has banned impact fuses because they can be used as a tire-eater. Is that a house-rule specific for NOVA or is that part of the AADA banned list?
  • It's a house rule. From reading the article, it sounds like they over-reacted to a unique circumstance. If the cars had been moving at real duel speeds, or had the kind of tire protection duellists normally use, the effect would have been greatly reduced.
  • Friday, October 26, 2007

    Augustus Caeser (Imperial) - Unlimited Camper

    Type: Camper (C/A frame), Chassis: Xhvy., Suspension: Heavy-Active, Engine: Sport PP (PC & SC), Tires: 6 FP-Steelbelted-Radial Solids, Crew: driver (blended BA & FP Suit), Weaponry: 3 HMG (10/HD) in 3 sp. turret, HDSS (10/hot) back, DSP under, Weighted Accessories: FE, cyberlink, HD shocks, fake ramplate, fake WG/WH, Unweighted Accessories: HD-ABS, 4 bumper triggers, HTM-Overdrive, No Paint Tinted Windshield, Dischargers: 7 oil/smoke dischargers, Comp. Armor: 10 pts FP each for (a) driver (2sp) (b) PP (6 sp); Vehicle Armor: 154 pts LRFP Plastic armor F(30) B(30) L(30) R(30) T(20) U(14); HC 4, Acc. 5 (10/2.5), Top 110 (82.5/130), Weight: 7795.6 lbs, Cost: $105,330
    • Std. Armor Option - Switch armor to 170 pts RPFP; add 1.4 lbs (7797 lbs), add $9,078 ($114,408 total)

    • Augustus Gas - 250 cu in (Tubes/Blue/VP/Spr), 8 gal Duel tank, 10 pts CA around gas tank (+ CA of engine & driver), upgrade FE to IFE, remove HDSS; Acc. 20, Top 100, HC 3, 7796.6 lbs, $113,833

    Design Notes - I see that this is a version of Psycho Chicken. but that's because I'm putting up the designs I made when I was experimenting with HMGs. And then the gas experiments. A camper going from 0 to 6 in 3 seconds? Why not.

    [Oct 27, 2015: Updated style and counter]

    Thursday, October 25, 2007

    Rorschach - Div60 (30) Luxury

    Luxury, Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., 4 FP SD tires, 200 cu in IC engine (VP Turbo & Supercharger), 6 gal. Duelling tank, driver (blended BA), 2 linked ATG (10/APFSDS) front, 8 smoke/oil dischargers, cyberlink, HD-ABS, HD shocks, 4 bumper triggers, IFE, safety seat, no-paint windshield, 10 pts FP CA each around: driver, engine, gas tank; 155 pts FP Plastic armor F35 B30 R30 L30 T15 U15; HC 4, Acc. 20, Top 90, 6597 lbs., $58,565

    • Ram Option - add Tubes & Blueprinting to engine, 8 gal. tank, 4 FP-Radial PR tires, only 9 shots in ATGs, remove: 2 dischargers & IFE, replace cyberlink with HRSWC, add 2 cans of NOX, add ramplate, spoiler & airdam, add 2 pts armor: F40 (ram), B30 R30 L30 T12 U15; HC 5(6), Acc. 20 [30 NOX], Top 95 [142.5 on NOX], 6599 lbs., $52,825
    • Raw Shark 30 - Luxury, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., 4 PR tires, 250 cu in IC engine (Tubes/VP Turbo), 8 gallon duelling tank, driver, 2 linked ATG (9/APFSDS) front, 6 smoke/oil dischargers, ramplate, SWC, spoiler & airdam, IFE, HD brakes, 4 bumper triggers, safety seat, 10 pts FP CA each around: driver, engine, gas tank; driver has BA; 141 pts FP Plastic armor F40 [ram] B20 R28 L28 T10 U15; HC 3(4), Acc. 15, Top 90, 6598 lbs., $28,540
    • Raw Shark 30 B - remove spoiler & airdam, convert tires to PR-Radials, add 6 pts armor; HC: 4, $29,360
    • Electric Rorschach - Luxury, Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., 4 PR-Radial tires, Sport PP (PC/SC), driver (blended BA), 2 linked ATG (9/APFSDS) front, 6 smoke/oil dischargers, cyberlink, HD-ABS, HD shocks, HTM-Overdrive, 4 bumper triggers, IFE, safety seat, no-paint windshield, 10 pts FP CA each around: driver, PP; 140 pts FP Plastic armor F30 B25 R30 L30 T10 U15; HC 5, Acc. 5, Top 92.5, 6600 lbs., $44,700

    Designer Notes - Part of both my new 'gas' phase and everyone's "lets put linked ATG(APFSDS) into every car" phase. And I felt, if I'm going to have that weaponry, I should get the best targeting possible, hence the cyberlink. I'm not sure if these are any good - the armor is a bit light - but I think it's nasty enough for the name (and my likeness).

    The name is from my favorite Watchman.

    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Copperhead Road - RPG Luxury

    Type: Luxury, Chassis: Xhvy, Suspension: OR-Active, Engine: 450 cid IC engine (Tubular headers, Blueprinting, VP Turbo), 17 Gallon Duelling tank (272 lbs. 2 sp., 8 DP), Tires: 4 OR Solids, Crew: driver (BA, FP suit, PFE); Weaponry: HMG (20/HD) in 1 sp. UM turret, Weighted Accessories: Active suspension, HD shocks, safety seat, brushcutter, spoiler & airdam, 2 armored min-safes, Unweighted Accessories: HRSWC, HD-Antilock brakes, autopilot software, Voice-control software, tinted no paint windshield, radar & detector & jammer, 4 bumper triggers, Dischargers: 7 smoke/oil, Component Armor: 10 pts of FP each for (a) driver (2 sp), (b) engine, (c) gas tank; Vehicle Armor: 170 pts plastic F(35) B(30) (R35) L(35) T(20) U(15); HC 3 (OR 3) +1 over 60 mph, Acc. 20, Top 147.5, Weight: 6600 lbs. Cost: $65,495
    • Lower Power Option - 300 cid IC engine (Tub/Blue/VP), replace HMG with a VMG (20/reg) in 2 space UM turret, add rollcage, 2 cans NOX, & 7 pts armor; Acc. 15, Top 110, $58,930

    • Lower Power Cargo Hauler - Like low-power but remove mini-safes & 1 Nox & 7 pts armor to make 3 cargo spaces of 130 lbs; 6470 lbs unloaded, $57,990

    Design Notes - I want to start applying the "new" technology of gas engines to my designs. If you recall, I was heavy into Car Wars in 2035-7 and I didn't own many books. So gas engines were exotic and isolated to "Chassis & Crossbow." As such I thought gas motors and metal armor were cheats and/or against the spirit of the game. Only recently, when I acquired the CWC2, did I accept that gas and metal became official and OK. It still feels wrong to the whole back story of the Car Wars world. I'll try to design these cars, but understand that I've never played with gas and I don't have a natural feel for their advantages and dis.

    Anyway, I felt that once I'm designing with gas, I'll combine the two best gas cars I know about. The car name comes from the song Copperhead Road by Steve Earle, which is about a Vietnam vet who becomes a modern era (1970s) moonshine smuggler (like his father & grandfather before him). The modern touches are: 1. an application of Viet Cong guerrilla warfare to backwoods driving, 2. instead of moonshine, he's smuggling marijuana.

    The second stanza of the song describes his daddy's car:
      Now Daddy ran the whiskey in a big block Dodge
      Bought it at an auction at the Mason's Lodge
      Johnson County Sheriff painted on the side
      Just shot a coat of primer then he looked inside
      Well him and my uncle tore that engine down
      I still remember that rumblin' sound
      Well the sheriff came around in the middle of the night
      Heard mama cryin', knew something wasn't right
      He was headed down to Knoxville with the weekly load
      You could smell the whiskey burnin' down Copperhead Road
    But why such a huge engine? Because when Earle describes the Dodge disguised as a cop-car, I thought of the first true Superhero of cars: The Bluesmobile.

    The Bluesmobile (according to Wiki) is "a 1974 Dodge Monaco sedan ... a used Mount Prospect, Illinois police car ... equipped with the Magnum 440 squad car package that was offered by Dodge for the Monaco." And to quote Elwood: "It's got a cop motor, a 440-cubic-inch plant. It's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas."

    The better design is the one with the smaller engine, roll cage, larger gun, and 2 cans of Nitrous. The cargo space in the first two cars is consigned to high-value stuff to be put in the armored safes.

    Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    Dr. Manhattan 2057 - Div60 Pickup

    Pickup, Xhvy Ch, Hvy-Active Suspension, Sport PP (PC), 6 Solid (FP/Radial) tires, driver, 2 linked HMG (10/HD) in turret, 2 linked HMG (10/HD or 20/reg) front, smartlink, 4 Oil/Smoke Dischargers, 3 Ice Dischargers, 4 bumper triggers, Hi-Res Comp., HD-ABS brakes, HD shocks, safety seat, 2 10 pt. FP WG & 2 5 pt WH back & 2 6 pt FP WH front; 10 pts FP CA around driver, driver has BA & PFE; 180 pts FP Plastic Armor F35 B35 R40 L40 T15 U15; Acc. 5, Top 102.5, HC 4, 7798 lbs., $59,985
    • Dr. Manhattan Gas (Div 70) - replace Sport PP with 150 cid IC (Tube/Blue/VP), 4 gal. Dueling tank (next to IC), add 2 HMG (10/HD) front (all 4 front HMG linked), remove 1 SkD, all WG & WH, add CA to the engine & gas tank, remove 4 pts armor, add FP suit to driver gear; Acc. 10, Top 60, 7799 lbs, $67,119

    • 2057 Option - Pickup, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Sport PP (PC & SC), 6 Solid Radial tires, driver, 2 linked HMG (10/HD) in turret, 2 linked HMG (10/HD) front, smartlink, 1 bumper trigger front, IFE, active suspension, Hi-Res Comp., HD-ABS brakes, HD shocks, safety seat, 2 10 pt. FP WG & 2 5 pt WH back & 2 6 pt FP WH front; 175 pts FP Plastic Armor F32 B32 R40 L40 T16 U15; Acc. 5, Top 110, HC 4, 7797 lbs., $54,060

    Design Notes - Another variation on the HMG/HD cheat theme. The gas option, with 6 HMGs total, is more of a concept vehicle but I'd like to playtest it out.

    The name Dr. Manhattan is continuing the Watchmen theme started with Rorschach.

    Nov 26, 2013 Update:  I added the 2057 option and a better car icon.

    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    Venus Without Furs 2057 - Div 10 Compact

    Compact, Xhvy. Ch., Hvy. Sus., Medium PP, 4 PR tires, driver, HMG (15/reg) in turret, SS (10/reg) back, SWC, 10 pts. CA each around driver & PP, 184 pts. Plastic armor F40 B33 R38 L38 T20 U15; Acc. 5, Top 90, HC 3, 4124 lbs. (max 4200), $9992.00 

    • Option 1 - remove SWC, add BA for driver, 3 oil dischargers, 8 pts armor; 4197 lbs, $9996.00
    • Option 2 - remove SWC, add 5 oil dischargers, 3 bumper triggers, 8 pts armor; 4197, $9996.00
    • Superlight Venus - body is now only Hvy chassis, add PC to PP, upgrade HMG ammo to 15/HD, remove SS, only 9 pts CA around PP, 176 pts sloped plastic armor F40 B35 R30 L30 T22 U19; sides are -2 to hit; Top 95, 4068 lbs, $9996.80

    Design Notes - After fiddling around with the design (part of the makeshift "HMG in a Turret" series), I realized I already made a version of this car with the Division 20 Venus. I discussed before about when two designs can be considered two different cars or just one car with a set of options. In general, I'd say the same car is one where the body size and basic weapon system is the same. Hence, I was going to add this design as an option to Venus. However, when typing it up, I realized there were so many changes (engine, tires, no ram etc), that needed to be made that I felt it was enough to define it as a whole 'nother car. Let the philosophers work this one out.

    Psycho Chicken - Unlimted (75) Camper

    Camper, C/A frame, Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., Super PP (PC/SC), 6 Solid (FP-Radial) tires, driver & gunner, 3 linked HMG (10/HD) in turret, OG (10/reg) back, 8 Smoke/Oil Dischargers, 4 bumper triggers, 2 Hi-res Comp., ABS-HD brakes, HD Shocks, spoiler & airdam, 2 safety seats, fake ramplate, fake rear WG, surge protector, no paint-tinted windshield, HTM & Overdrive, 10 pts FP CA each around driver (only) & PP, driver has blended IBA, FP suit, PFE; 181 pts RPFP Armor (F35 B31 R40 L40 T20 U15), Acc. 5(10), Top 110 (82.5/130), HC 4(5), 7799 lbs, $108,574

  • Psycho Turkey - replace OG with SS (10/hot) back & add 10 pts FP CA around gunner & SS, remove fake WG, add 12 pts armor; 7800 lbs, $109,460

  • Solid Psycho - No C/A frame, remove gunner, back 4 tires are PR (FP-Radial), OG is replaced with linked: 2 SD (10/expl) & 1 SS (10/hot), add DSP (under), HMG & back weapons linked, only 5 dischargers, remove: active sus., spoiler & airdam, fake ramplate & WG, HD shocks, safety seats, PFE, & add 10 pts FP CA around back weapons, 146 pts RPFP armor (F30 B20 R35 L35 T16 U10), 7797 lbs, $73,270

    Design Notes - Like the Led Zeppelin (below), the moment the HMG cheat arrived everyone rushed to the VR garage to abuse it - and what better way to use a 1 space 2 d-damage gun than in a three space turret. Whenever possible, I will use a turret - because of the versitility (especially in a free-for-all multi-car arena) and it avoids the

    Anyway, the C/A frame (which is necessary in these high-ticket matches with vans and campers) has the obvious drawbacks for rams and rolls. The Solid Psycho takes out the vulnerability but even with tossing as much goo out as possible, the armor is still too light. Component armor and drop-spike-plates can only go so far.

    The name comes from this song (thank you, Mad Music Archives).
  • Saturday, October 13, 2007

    Led Zeppelin - Div20 Midsized

    Midsized, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Large PP, 4 PR tires, driver, 2 linked HMG (10/HD) in turret, linked SD (10/expl.) & SS (10/Hot) back, 7 Oil/Smoke Dischargers, SWC, 4 bumper triggers, HD-ABS, 10 pts FP CA each around driver & PP, 2 10 pt WG back, 10 pt. WH on all wheels, driver has BA, FP suit & PFE, 176 pts Plastic Armor: F35 B30 R38 L38 T20 U15; Acc. 5, Top 90, HC 3, 5756 lbs., $19,966

  • Led Zeppelin II - replace PR tires for Solids, remove all WG & WH, remove ABS (keep HD brakes), add 18 pts armor; 5760 lbs, $19,854

  • Led Zeppelin III - 20 shots in each HMG, only 6 dischargers & 3 bumper triggers, remove HD-ABS, 182 pts armor, 5759 lbs., $19,962

  • Led Zeppelin IV - like III but with Solid tires, remove: SWC, FP suit, only 170 pts armor, 5760 lbs, $19,970

    Design Notes - Who hasn't tried this design either... the HMG with HD ammo is the greatest cheat since the ATG-APFSDS. Zeppelin rules, and this car will too. And because I'm partial to Led Zeppelin II, I wanted to make it the best option.

    Zep image nicked from here.
  • Admin: The New Counters

    You may have recognized that I have added nifty counters to the 2057 cars; and you may be wondering "Hey! How did you get/make those?" Well, I'll tell you. I scanned in the AADA Vehicle Guide, vol. 1. I cut out the car counters, and then take a whole mess o' time cutting and pasting different parts of their cars onto other cars using Microsoft Paint 5.1.

    For example, the pictures below are the originals of the ones above.

    Wednesday, October 10, 2007

    Styx Special 2057 - Div20 (25) Luxury

    Luxury, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Large PP (PC/SC), driver & gunner, 4 PR tires, ATG (10/APFSDS) front, VMG (20/reg) in turret, OG (10/reg) back, 6 Smoke/Oil Dischargers, 4 bumper triggers, SWC (gunner to ATG), 10 pts CA each around crew & PP, 147 pts Plastic armor: F30 B30 R30 L30 T12 U15; HC 3, Acc. 5, Top 92.5, 6600, $19,890

    • AC Special - Replace ATG with AC (10/HD), add 5 pts armor, $24,990

    Design Notes - An update of this car. I really like this combination of weapons, but the armor is weak for Div20.

    Hyperion Cold - Div25 Midsized (Galaxy)

    Midsized, Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., Large PP (PC), 4 Solid Tires, driver (Body Armor), VMG (20/reg or 10/HD) in turret, ID (20/reg) back, 6 Oil/Smoke dischargers, SWC, FE, spoiler & airdam, active suspension, HD-ABS, HD shocks, HTM & Overdrive, 2 10 pt WG rear, 2 5 pt WH front, 10 pts FP CA around driver; 190 pts Plastic Armor: F40 B30 R40 L40 T22 U18; Acc. 5 (10), Top 95 (75/115), HC 4(5); 5760 lbs., $24,940

    Design Notes - This is based on the award-winning* Hyperion design. Like the analysis for the original, I'm not sure if this the most efficient design for Div25.

    Name Notes - Hyperion is a moon of Saturn.

    *Note, there is no award.

    Tuesday, October 9, 2007

    Hyperion 2057 - Div15 Midsized (Galaxy)

    Midsize, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Large PP, 4 PR tires, driver, 2 linked MG (20/incd) in turret, FOJ (15/reg) back, 6 Smoke/Oil Dischargers, IFE, SWC, Bumper Triggers R&L, 10 pts. FP CA around driver, 86 pts Composite MET/Plastic armor: F(10/5) B(8/3) R(11/3) L(11/3) T(0/17) U(0/15); Acc. 5, Top 90, HC 3, 5754 lbs., $14,304

    • Non Metal Option - replace metal with a (total) of 246 pts. plastic armor; $16,561

    • Non Metal Div15 - replace MGs with VMG (20/reg), FOJ is (10/reg), remove SWC, 240 pts plastic armor; 5750 lbs, $14,990

    • Hyperion 20 - 4 Solid tires, VMG in turret (20/incd) in turret, FOJ (15/reg) back, 6 Smoke/Oil Dischargers, IFE, 4 Bumper Triggers, HD-ABS, HD shocks, spoiler & airdam, 10 pts. FP CA around driver, 2 10pt WG back, 2 5 pt WH front, BA for driver,  200 pts plastic armor (F40 B35 R45 L45 T20 U15); Acc. 5, Top 90, HC 3(4), 5760 lbs., $19,875

    • Hyperion 25 - 4 Solid-Radial tires, VMG in turret (18/incd) in turret, SS(10/Hot) back, 7 Smoke/Oil Dischargers, HRSWC, FE, 4 Bumper Triggers, HD-ABS, HD shocks, spoiler & airdam, 10 pts. FP CA each around driver & PP, BA for driver, 200 pts plastic armor (F40 B35 R45 L45 T20 U15); Acc. 5, Top 90, HC 4(5), 5760 lbs., $24,895

    Design Notes - This is an update of the original - and personal favorite - Hyperion. I haven't playtested recently (if I ever learn how to program, I'd create a playtest program for this purpose). Anyway, as a Div15 it's pretty good; I'm not sure if it'll hold up to the nasty stuff in 20 and/or 25.

    Name Notes - Hyperion is a moon of Saturn, and in general one of my favorite names.

    [Updated Nov 15, 2013]

    Hadrian 2057 - Div75 Pickup (Imperial)

    Pickup, Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., Sport PP (PC/SC), 6 Solid (FP/Radial) tires, driver (blended IBA & FP suit), 2 linked HMG (20/HD) in turret, Ramplate, cyberlink, HD-ABS, HD Shocks, HTM & Overdrive, no paint windshield, 7 Smoke/Oil Dischargers, 4 bumper triggers, 2 10 pt. WG rear & WH front, 10 pts FP CA each around driver & PP, 203 pts Plastic armor: F50(ram) B35 R40 L40 T20 U18; HC 4, Acc. 5 (HTM 10/Overdrive 2.5), Top 110 (82.5/130), 7796 lbs. (7800 max), $74,566
    • Option - 4 FP/SD tires rear, 2 plasticore front, fake weapons over HMGs, fake wheelhubs over plasticores, no CA for PP, remove dischargers, add IFE, driver has BA/ABV, FP suit, 3 HT-Flaming Oil grenades; 191 pts armor (F50[ram] B31 L35 R35 T25 U15); 7799 lbs; $68,433
    Design Notes - Yes, this is a form of Vespasian; but it's different enough that I felt it could be a separate entry. The option is the 'original' Hadrian (if I can figure which was what).

    Nov 14, 2013 Update

    Name Notes - Hadrian was a rotten bastard of a Roman Emperor, which means he was one of their most effective: "Publius Aelius Hadrianus Augustus, 24 January, 76 AD – 10 July, 138 AD) was Roman Emperor from 117 to 138."

    Hotcha - Div25 (30) Pickup

    Pickup, Xhvy Ch., Hvy.-Active Sus., Super PP, 6 SD tires, driver, RR (10/reg) in turret, FOJ back, HR front, bumper trigger front, 2 10 pt. WG back & WH front, driver has BA, FP suit, PFE; 272 pts Armor: F70 B50 L50 R50 T28 U24; Acc. 5, Top 90, HC 3, 7797 lbs., $24,994

  • Option 1 - add spoiler & airdam, switch FOJ to OJ (20 shots), 7800 lbs., $24,914

  • Option 2 - RR to VMG, FOJ with 22 shots, add HRSWC & HTM & ABS, remove 10 pts armor, Acc. 5(10), Top 90(70), 7799 lbs., $29,934

    Design Notes - This was the middle design, what began 20 years ago and emerged between Valarian and Diadumenian. Not very fancy; I'm not sure it's worth 25k.
  • Diadumenian (Imperial) - Div30 Pickup

    Pickup, Xhvy Ch., Hvy.-Active Sus., Super PP, 6 SD tires, driver, RR (10/HEAT) in turret, SD (10/expl) back, 5 Smoke/Oil Dischargers, Ramplate, 4 bumper triggers, HRSWC, 2 10 pt. WG back, 2 5 pt WH front, 10 pts FP CA each around driver & PP, driver has BA & FP suit, 234 pt. Plastic Armor: F60 (ram) B44 R45 L45 T20 U20; Acc. 5, Top 90, HC 3, 7797 lbs., $29,853

  • Ramless option - remove Ramplate, steelbelt the tires, add 1 discharger, add 9 pts armor: 7796 lbs, $29,621

    Design Notes - This started as the car which became Valerian, and it went into a Luxury and a Pickup version. A new aspect of my recent designs is that I used to consider as standard equipment a Fire Extinguisher and Wheelguards, now I take those out in favor of fireproof component armor. I actually don't know which is better in the long run.

    Note: Diadumenian was Elagabalus's predecessor. He ruled for 11 months.
  • Elagabalus - Div70 Compact (Imperial)

    Compact (C/A frame), Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., Medium PP (PC/SC), 4 FP-Radial-Steelbelted Solid Tires, driver (Blended IBA & FP Suit), GG front, active suspension, HRSWC, fake ramplate, HD-ABS, HD Shocks, Safety seat, HTM & Overdrive, no-paint windshield, surge protector, 7 Oil/Smoke Dischargers, 4 bumper triggers, 10 pts. RPFP CA each around (a) driver & (b) PP; 2x 10 pt RPFP WG rear, 10 pt. RPFP WH on all tires; 226 pts. RPFP Armor: F55 B45 R43 L43 T20 U20; HC 5, Acc. 5 (HTM 10, Overdrive 2.5), Top 95 (70,115), 4439 lbs., $67,812

    Design Notes - Not sure what I was thinking. Who needs this? That's why I chose the name: Elagabalus was emperor for 4 years, 218-222, from ages 14-18 and was pretty freaky even by Roman standards.

    Venus - Div20 Compact (Galaxy)

    Compact, Xhvy. Ch., Hvy.-Active Sus., Large PP (PC/SC), 4 PR-Radials tires, driver, HMG (10/incend) in turret, 5 Smoke/Oil Dischargers, Ramplate, 5 bumper triggers, active suspension, spoiler & airdam, HDHTM, HD brakes, 10 pts. FP CA around driver, BA for driver; 174 pts. Sloped Plastic armor F40 [ram] B30 R33 L33 T20 U18; Acc. 10 (HDHTM 20), Top 120 (80), HC 5 (6 over 60), 4439 lbs., $19,871.20

    Ammo Options - Either exchange ammo from 10/Incendiary to 10/HD or 20/reg, remove 9 pts of armor, 4435 lbs., $19,992.50

    Design Notes - This has been tweaked a lot, but I am impressed with the versatility and the balance.

    Valerian (Imperial) - Div20 Luxury

    Luxury, Xhvy. Ch., Hvy. Sus., Super PP, 4 PR tires, driver & gunner, RR (10/HEAT) in turret, OJ (25/std) back, 2 linked HR front, 5 Smoke/Oil dischargers, Ramplate, 2 SWC (RR), rollcage, 5 bumper triggers, HTM & Overdrive, 10 pts. FP CA each around driver and PP, driver has BA; 2 10 pt. WG rear, 2 5 pt. WH front, 156 Pts. plastic armor (F40[ram] B26 R30 L30 T15 U15); Acc. 5 (10), Top 100 (75/120), HC 3, 6600 lbs., $19,945

    Design Notes - This is an old design that I attempted to update. It's a bit muddled; if it's to be a ram-car, get better acceleration and handling, if it's to be a BFG car, make the G more F-ing big.

    Monday, October 8, 2007

    Terra II 2057 - RPG Station Wagon (Galaxy)

    Station Wagon, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Large PP (PC/SC), 4 Solid (FP-Radial) tires, driver & gunner, 2 passengers in cargo, VMG (20/reg) in UM turret, SD (10/explosive) back, 6 smoke dischargers, 2 SWC, HD-ABS, HD shocks, HD transmission, Anti-theft system, 4 bumper triggers, surge protector, compact TV, Radar, Radar Detector, Radar Jammer, LDR; X-hvy quick-release trailer hitch with 10 pts armor; all 4 people have blended BA & FP suit; 20 5 pt. FP WG back & WH front; 167 Pts. FP Plastic Armor (F35 B35 R30 L30 T20 U17); 5 cargo spaces; HC: 4, Acc. 2.5/5, Top 92.5, 6597 lbs. $49,030
    • Non-Heavy Duty Option - remove HD transmission, add 10 pts. FP CA around driver & gunner and around 2 passengers; add full 10 pt WG & WH; 103 lbs. cargo in 5 spaces (not counting passengers); 6497 lbs., $49,730

    • Non-Trailer Option - remove HD transmission & hitch; add 10 pts. FP CA around driver & gunner and around 2 passengers; add 3 pts armor, and have full 10 pt WG & WH; 153 lbs. cargo in 5 spaces (not counting passengers); 6447 lbs; $48,050
    Design Notes - The missing "Earth" entry for the Galaxy line. As I've said before, all Station Wagons are RPG (or scenario) devices, so I tried to do that here. To be honest, I've never used trailers, so I have no idea if I designed this right.

    Later Update - I renamed this the Terra II because I finally found the original Terra in my old files.

    Claudius - Unlimited Van (Imperial)

    Van (C/A frame), Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Suspension, Sport PP (PC & SC), 6 Radial-FP Soild Tires, driver (driver has blended IBA & FP suit) & gunner; RL (10/Incendiary) in turret with ITL & LGL for 10 rounds, 2 linked RL (10/Incen.) front, ITL front with LGL to 20 rounds, RL/ITLs both smartlinked, OG (10/reg) back, DSP under, 2 Hi-res comp., active suspension, HD-ABS, HD shocks, no-paint tinted windshield, safety seat (driver), HTM & Overdrive, 7 Smoke Dischargers, 6 bumper triggers (4 for dischargers, 2 for F & B weapons), 2x3pt FPRP WG back, 10 pts FPRP CA each around: (a) crew, (b) PP, (c) front RL, (d) back OG; 158 pts FP Armor F30 B30 R34 L34 T15 U15; Acc. 5 (10), Top 115 (85/135), HC 4, 7199 lbs., $102,700

    • Claudius, I - FP Solids, take out ITL & RL in turret & replace with GG, give extra mags to RLs in front (regular ammo), remove DSP & 5 Dischargers, add IFE, no safety seat, WG, or CA, or crew equip.; 170 pts armor; 7200 lbs, $95,050

    Design Notes - Ho hum, another unlimited C/A framed van. Laser-guided Rocket Launchers are a van's good friend, and one good smart linked shot should put a +9 fire mod. Thems good odds. The "I Claudius" option was the original design from last year that I tweaked up.

    Admin: Suggestions for MADHAT

    The MADHAT designer is my preferred tool. I use it all the time. I sent this message today to the current update-proprietor, to ask for this modification:
    Common combinations in one entry: This is already done for the BA/ABV combo under the personal equipment. These are good space savers for the limited number of entries under Accessories. I would like to see these standard combo actions combined, if possible:

    1. No Paint & Tinted Windshield
    2. Heavy Duty & Anti-Lock Brakes
    3. HTM & Overdrive
    4. Laser Guidance Link packages (e.g. LGL for one TL to one RL)
    If you know of other combos, send me (or the MADHATs) a comment.

    Nasty - Div10 (20) Compact

    Compact, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Medium PP (PC/SC), 2 PR tires front, 2 HD rear, driver, ATG (10/APFSDS) front, SWC, 10 pts CA around driver, 207 pts Plastic Armor F50 B45 R41 L41 T15 U15; Acc. 5, Top 95, HC 3, 4362 lbs., $9,991
    • Nasty Feet - All tires HD, add 16 pts. armor, 4438 lbs., $9990
    • Nasty Feet 2 - All tires HD, remove 4 pts armor, add 5 Smoke Dischargers, 4343 lbs., $9989
    • Nasty Heat - Downgrade ammo to HEAT, add 5 Smoke Dischagers, 4337 lbs.
    • Nasty 20 - modify with C/A frame, 4 Plasticore tires, 8 Smoke Dischargers, 4 bumper triggers, safety seat, CA is FP, driver has BA, FP suit, PFE, 230 pts armor; 4368 lbs, $19,990

    Design Notes - Whoever hasn't done this design in some form - the compact with the ATG - hasn't been playing long enough. I put in the nasty APFSDS ammo in and had to cut this sucker down to anything that could fit into the price range. 207 pts armor with a SWC directed ATG ain't too shabby.

    Speaking of Everybody Does This. I saw a nice version here at AADA 27.
    James Beecher's "Metal Dung Beetle":
    Compact, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, 100 cid turbocharged gas engine, 4 gallon racing tank (full), 4 PR radial tires, driver (w/body armor), ATG front w/HESH ammo and SWC. Sloped metal/ plastic armor: F 18/35, L 2/35, R 2/35, B2/25, T 1/0, U 2/12, 10 points CA around each of driver, engine, and ATG, 8 points CA around gas tank. Acceleration 5, Top Speed 62.5, HC 4. 4,435 lbs, $14,922.
    I just don't think well in Metal and Gas yet. But, Bravo: eighteen points of metal is truly nasty.

    Update: I added the Div20 version because I had it lying around the drawing board. Yeah, it's not worth the cash. Does anyone really use Plasticores?

    Sunday, October 7, 2007

    Titus (Imperial) - Div70 Camper (Update)

    Not really an update of this, but it is re-using the name. 
    Type: Camper (C/A frame), Chassis: Xhvy., Suspension: Hvy, Engine: Sport PP (PC & SC), Tires: 6 SD-Radials, Crew: driver (BA & FP Suit), Weaponry: ATG (10/APFSDS) in turret, 2 linked ATG (10/APFSDS) front, ATGs smartlinked, Weighted Accessories: Active Sus., HD Shocks, safety seat, Unweighted Accessories: HD-ABS, HRTC, smartlink, Dischargers: 3 Flaming Oil, 4 Hot Smoke, Defenses: 5 bumper triggers, Component Armor: 10 pts. FP CA around driver, Vehicle Armor: 155 pts. Plastic Armor (F35 B30 R30 L30 T15 U15); HC 4, Acc. 5, Top 110, 7798 lbs., $68,860
    • Div 75 (Low-Power) Option - No PC/SC in engine, add HTM & Overdrive, no paint windshield, FP tires; Acc. 5 (10), Top 100 (75/120), $74,360 

    • Titus AC - replace ATG with AC (10/HD ammo), FP armor, FP tires, add 2 10 pt. FP WG rear, 2 9 pt FP WH front, $97,970.00

    Design Notes  Well, this is a design concept more than anything. If one smartlinked blast connects, then it's 27-72 pts of damage. A minimum of 27? A maximum of 72?!? An average of 48?!?! I learned the benefit of an automatic plus to the die from my D&D days. To guarantee 9 pts of damage for each hit is better than a 4 die weapon. Anyway, this baby better hit first and not get rammed. Otherwise, this may be workable.

    Whoa. I just had a nagging notion that maybe ATGs can't be put in camper turrets. For some reason the most recent CWRQ (4.6?) isn't showing up easily. Man, that would suck. OK, let me just switch the ATGs to AC with HD ammo (not the same but rules are rules, even when they suck):

    Thrax (Imperial) - Div25 (20) Pickup

    Pickup, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, 6 PR-Radials, driver, VMG (16/Incend) in turret, MD (10/Napalm) back, 5 Oil Dischargers, 1 Sand Disch., 4 Bumper triggers, HRSWC, 2 10 pt. rear WG, 4 10 pt. WH all around, 10 pts. CA around driver, driver has BA, 267 pts. Plastic Armor (F60 B50 R55 L55 T29 U18), Acc. 5, Top 90, HC 3, 7800 lbs, $24,989

  • FP Option - FP all armor, CA, tires: $34,563

  • Div 20 Option- 6 reg PR tires, VMG is now 20/reg, MD is 10/reg, Dischargers: 4 oil, 3 sand, no HRSWC or WG/WH, CA is FP, no FP suit, 292 pts armor (F62 B60 R60 L60 T30 U20) HC 2, 7797 lbs, $19,999

    Design Notes This started as a Div20 attempt, but I saw how much I was slashing it down so I went whole-hog into 25. The 20 is still a mean bastard.

    "Thrax" is Latin for anyone from Thrace.
  • Top Hat - Div20 Luxury

    Luxury, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Super PP, 4 PR-Radials, driver & gunner, ATG front (10/APFSDS), RR (10/HEAT) in turret, FOJ (17 shots) rear, SD (10/reg) rear, 5 Oil Dischargers, IFE, SWC (gunner to ATG), BA for driver, 148 pts. Plastic Armor (F30 B30 R30 L30 T14 U14); Acc. 5, Top 100, HC 4, 6594 lbs., $19,980

    Design Notes - Run of the mill div20 luxury. Maybe something good, maybe something bad. I think it's pretty balanced.

    Big Trouble - Div100 Van

    Updated here.
    Van (C/A Frame), Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., Sport PP (PC/SC), 6 SD (Radial/FP) tires, driver (driver has blended IBA & FP suit) & gunner (nil); GG (20 shots) in turret, OG front (10/oil), 2 linked SD (10/expl) Back Left & Back Right, SS (10/Hot Smoke) rear, all dropped linked, DSP (under & linked to SS), active suspension, fake ramplate, spoiler & airdam, 2 safety-seats, HD-ABS, HD shocks, HTM & Overdrive, 2 hi-res comp., no-paint tinted windshield, 7 Oil Dischargers (all on Bump Tr), 4 fake WG/WH, 6 bumper triggers (4 to dischargers, 2 to F&B weapons), 10 pts. FP CA each around: (a) crew, (b) PP, (c) OG, rear weaponry; 150 pts. LRFP armor F30 B20 R25 L35 T15 U15; Acc. 5 (10), Top 115 (85/135), HC 4(5), 7198 lbs, $95,508

    Design Notes - To be honest, C/A was made for Vans because they have such a short lifespan, what's a little 'massive ram damage' between buddies? Yet, for $100,000 this is all you get? I'm using the Drop-Spike Plate cheat - kinda. I see a value to the weapon and I could even see using it (I happen to like Fake DSP because you get the chance to freak out your enemy into a hard-swerve-botched-control-roll-crash with not much bother). But, yeah, it's there because its 4 points of armor for 50 lbs. It should be *standard equipment* for vans. The real cheat is to put component armor around it and that's just a naked damage sink to me.

    Evil Dead - Unlimited Pickup

    Pickup, C/A frame, Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., Sport PP (PC/SC), 6 Solid (FP/Radial) tires, driver, Pulsed-Twin Laser in UM turret, SD (10/explosive) back, 2 EWP with linked GG (front), 7 Oil Dischargers, Fake ramplate, Fake wheelguards, 6 bumper triggers (4 for dischargers, 2 for F & R weapons), spoiler & airdam, hi-res comp., HD-Antilock brakes, HD shocks, HTM & overdrive, 9 pts LRFP armor around each EWP, 9 pts LRFP CA around driver & 9 around PP, no-paint windshield, driver has Impact armor & FP suit, 165 pts. LRFP plastic armor: F32 B32 R35 L35 T16 U15; Acc. 5 (10), Top 110 (82.5/130), HC 4 (5), 7798.6 lbs, $109,858

    • Straight Gauss Option - Replace TwL with GG, smartlinked to EWPs, remove 2 fake WG, add 27 pts. armor, 7798.3 lbs, $107,789.00

    Design Notes - Is this design worthy of its name? Unsure. It's an overwrought design and it distinctly lacks a chainsaw (and while I toyed with vehicular shotguns - to be faithful - I thought "what would Ash do" and he'd load up on pulse-lasers, which is why the better design is the Option and not the Main). It probably won't live through a ram but 192 pts of Laserproof armor is pretty groovy.

    Saturday, October 6, 2007

    Justinian (Imperial) - Div30 (25) Midsized

    Midsized, Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., Large PP, 4 SD-Radial tires, driver, VMG in turret (20/Incen.), OG (rear), 7 SkD (2R,L,U, 1F,B), Ramplate, 4 bumper triggers, HD-Antilock brakes, overdrive, hi-res computer, 2 10 pt WG rear, 10 pts CA around driver, BA/FP suit for driver, 171 pts Plastic Armor: F40(Ram) B30 R33 L33 T20 U15; Acc. 5, Top 90 (110), HC 5, 5756 lbs., $29,996

    Div25 Option - Large PP (PC/SC), 4 PR-Radial tires, VMG (20/reg.), no Ramplate, add HTM, SWC instead of hi-res, add IFE, no CA around driver, add to WG 23 pts of Wheelhubs, 175 pts Plastic Armor: F35 B30 R35 L35 T25 U15; Acc. 5 (10), Top 100 (75/120), HC 5, 5760 lbs., $24,680

    Design Notes - This is a modified design of the original Connery (now the Connery II). The pattern is an Autocannon front, Vulcan in the turret, and an Oilgun back. To fit inside a Midsized I threw away the AC. Another new design policy is to include as standard equipment 7 Smoke Dischargers. That's just for weight purposes... if there's money left, the purchaser can modify them to more specific desires.

    Wednesday, October 3, 2007

    Rant: Hot Smoke

    So it's taking me a while to pour through Uncle Al's Hell, and I see that some of the most gnarled of recent game-skewing annoyances (I'm looking right at you, Stickyfoam) are *not* in this book. Shazbot. But there is a particular offender: Hot Smoke.

    In general, I don't like any rule change that only affects price. Besides not being even remotely faithful to whatever vague rules of physics Car Wars attempts to emulate (in the words of kjamma4 "Most weapons in Car Wars contain a liberal helping of 'handwavium'"), it's just BAD for game balance.

    I know I've said this before. That's why it's labelled a 'rant.'

    And it's even worse when the easy item MASSIVELY TILTS THE GAME DYNAMIC. I mean, back in the day, there was the all-powerful Laser. It was heavy, it was expensive, but it took 2 spaces and gave out 3 dice damage. And it started fires! It was the scariest thing around. The only protection from the laser came from the smoke-screen.

    Then some joker came up with "infrared" lasers which allowed you to fire lasers through smoke/paint. Infrared didn't reduce damage, didn't add weight or space, just cost. And now the balance went the other way. So I guess 'hot smoke' was the inevitable (un)balance to already extant imbalance. Well, bully for us.

    My proposals to balance back these bad rules:

    Infrared Laser
    Old Rules: (UACFH p. 19) "Two times the cost of a normal laser, IR laser can fire through smoke and paint, but suffer a -1 per die for every 1/2" of smoke or paint between the firer and the target....An IR targeting laser cannot penetrate more than 1" of smoke [which means a 1/2" cloud will block an IR-TL]"
    New Rule Suggestions: I think the damage reduction should be standard and permanent. Half-damage should do it. The TL rule is a nice, but arbitrary, tweak. I'll keep it.

    Hot (ugh) Smoke
    Old Rules: (UACFH p. 38) "Any standard smoke munition or ammo can be made into Hot Smoke for 1.5x the cost with no effect on the ammo weight. Hot smoke behaves like regular smoke, but it completely blocks IR..."
    New Rule Suggestions: The precedent model should be the Flaming Cloud Ejector. The Hot-Smoke counter should last one second and then it disappears. The Hot Smoke ejector should also be considered volatile (like FCE/FOJ).

    Thursday, September 20, 2007

    Admin: This Guy Beat Me To It

    Even though this is a blog about Car Wars, as the last post indicates, I am branching out occasionally to discuss cars and wars (well, guns). Most people who play CW like both component parts. And in my online research for car and gun pictures I come across wicked cool websites.

    So, the great picture of the Mustang comes from this dude who not only restored an awesome 1969 convertible but added the necessary modern features (e.g. better seat belts, A/C, GPS). I've wanted to do this for years and probably would have if I had more: money or talent with cars. Or time.

    Admin: Fun Links

    Here's some fun links about cars and weapons (I'll put on the link roll soon):


  • Diseno-Art - nice info and pictures of sports cars (see inset of one of my favorites, the Lamborghini Diablo)


  • - Very nice collection of articles about current and future weaponry, body armor, military goo, etc. (The picture for 'future military systems' looks straight out of Car Wars).

    In fact check out this article of a military-vehicle mounted automatic shotgun - the AA12.

  • Gun (web)sites - Huge, tight fonted list of everything to do with guns, gun ownership, body armor, you name it.

  • Great discussion about the guns used in specific movies, e.g. The Matrix from the blog MadOgre.

  • Wednesday, September 19, 2007

    Admin: Better Counter Resources

    I'm doing my best to make counters for each of these cars but my tools are poor. And I'm a poor artist. All told, even in 2007 and a real job, I still lack the materials to make decent computer art.

    What I've been doing is using free art programs to manipulate scanned in images of car wars counters. Every once in a while, I'll find an online picture of a car and manipulate that (see the Gremlin and the Police Interceptors).

    Tonight a flash of duh hit me - why don't I search on google images. I did. And there seems to be a bunch of stuff. See here (search for 'car' and 'top view').

    Connery II - Div70 Luxury

    Updated here.
    Not to be confused with the Connery of 2057, or 2063.

    Luxury, C/A Frame, Xhvy Ch., Hvy.-Active Sus, Large PP (PC/SC), driver & gunner, 4 SD-FP-Steel-Radial tires, AC front (10/incen), VMG in turret (20/incen), OG (10/reg) back, IFE, 2 Hires. Comp., HD-Antilock brakes; no-paint windshield, 10 pts. FP-CA around crew, 2 10 pt. FP WG/WH front/back, blended BA & FP suit for crew; 185 pts. Plastic armor: F35 B30 R40 L40 T20 U20; Acc. 5, Top 92.5, HC 5, 6596 lbs., $69,025

    Design Notes - This is the original of the Connery, below, that I felt was a poor design, but I ultimately decided to post it because I hate seeing all my work go to naught.

    I'm just not happy with C/A frames anymore; but I was committed to this combination of weaponry, which a year ago was my quintessential favorite triad. Throw a Gauss-gun in and I'm in Car-Hog-Heaven.

    Chewer - Div10 Compact

    Compact, Hvy. Ch., Hvy Sus., 4 HD tires, Large PP (PC), driver, VMG front (20/reg), SD rear (10/reg), 2 Smoke Dischargers, 4 Sand Disch, ramplate, bumper trigger front & back (to all front & back weapons/dischargers), 147 pts. plastic armor: F40 (ram) B30 R30 L30 T5 U12; Acc. 10, Top 120, HC 3, 4067 lbs., $9,991.00

    • Div 15 Option - Compact, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus, Large PP (PC/SC), 4 PR-Radial tires, driver, VMG front (19/incend), SD rear (10/explosive), same dischargers & bumper triggers, ramplate, HTM, spoiler & airdam, BA for driver, 180 pts. Armor: F50 (ram) B40 R32 L32 T10 U16; Acc. 10 (15), Top 120 (90), HC 4 (5), 4440 lbs, $14,987.50

    Design Notes - Ah... a nice modernized set of compacts. I'd drive these.

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Hotlinked from

    In a stroke of purest luck, I finally acquired a precious copy of the (arguably) most definitive, comprehensive, Car Wars book out there: Uncle Al's Catalog from Hell.

    I've been pining for this book for years and it arrived today in the mail. My first impressions: (1) the print is so big it gives me a headache; (2) MAN, the art is bad; (3) Surely this could be reprinted, at least the straight info, online.

    Now I can feel as up to date as I possibly can. Except, I don't see the hated stickyfoam anywhere in the book. Nor crystal spikes. Hmmm. What a letdown. But at least I can ask the forum dudes without feeling like a thief (i.e. trying to get free info from an available, albeit expensive, book).