Thursday, November 7, 2013

Weywot - Div5 Compact (Galaxy)

Compact, Light Chassis, Improved Suspension, Medium PP (8dp), 4 HD Tires (6dp), Driver (no equip), RL (10/reg) front, JD (10/reg) rear, SWC, 46 pts sloped Composite Armor (15 Metal/31 Plastic): F 4/7 B 3/8 R 3/8 L 3/8 T 1/0 U 1/0; HC: 2, Acc. 5, Top Speed 105, Pwr 1400, 3321 lbs. (max 3300), $4,999.55

Design Notes -This started as an idea to get a HRSWC in a Div5 vehicle, and while I started as a compact and I found quickly that it would be impossible with that body; it can be done with a subcompact though, which I will upload next.  This car is pretty functional, though, especially with the metal armor (which can help against flamethrowers).

Name Notes - Weywot is a moon for Quaoar.  According to the Wiki: "Weywot ....  is the only known moon of the trans-Neptunian object Quaoar. Its discovery by Michael E. Brown was reported in IAUC 8812 on 22 February 2007.... Brown left the choice of a name up to the Tongva (whose creator god Quaoar had been named after), who chose the sky god Weywot, son of Quaoar."

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