Monday, August 27, 2007

Mercury 2037 - Div10 OR Subcompact (Galaxy Motors)

Updated here.
Subcompact, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., OR suspension, Medium PP, driver, 4 OR solids, MG front, SWC; 78 pts FP armor: F24 R15 L15 B20 T2 U2; Acc. 10 HC 2 (HC3 in 2063), 2760 lbs., $9566 (listed, really its $9,216.00)

Design notes - I created a subdivision of Styx Motors called 'Galaxy Motors.' This was to make the task of naming hundreds of designs more logical. And easier. I retroactively applied the names to a bunch of designs a few years later (and even now) because I had really stupid name ideas way back when. Recently, I use random phrase generators (see links).

Updated Nov 11, 2013: 
Was this the first "Galaxy Motors" car?  That's how it's listed in the title. And look at the scan.

Actually, after looking at the scan, I see the numbers may be off.  The original design was to have a Light Laser and TC - look closely at the sheet and the MG has infinite shots.  The design had a TC but the "notes" has a SWC.  And even with a SWC, the cost should be $9216 - I'm missing $350.

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