Friday, October 2, 2015

Bergelmir 2065 - Div15/10 Sedan (Galaxy)

Type: Sedan, Chassis: Xtra-Heavy, Suspension: Heavy, Engine: Large (PC) (Pwr 2100, 10dp),  Tires: 4 PR Tires (9dp), Crew: Driver (no equip), Weaponry: 2 liked RR (10/reg) front (2D burst), SS (10/reg) back, Weighted Accessories: nil, Unweighted Accessories: nil, [1 total link], Dischargers: nil, Defenses: nil; Wheel Armor: nil, Component Armor:  Power Plant = 10 pts over 5 spaces, Driver = 10 pts over 2 spaces, Cargo: No space, 5 lbs,  Vehicle Armor: 82 pts sloped Composite (42 Metal/40 Plastic): F(10/5) B(10/5) R(10/5) L(10/5) T(0/15) U(2/5); HC: 3, Acc. 5,  Top Speed 90, Cruising: 54, DM: 1, Dam Mod: -1, Weight: 6115 lbs. Max 6120, Cost: $12,971.00
  • Div 10 Option - Sedan, Heavy Chassis, Heavy Sus., Large PP (2000 pwr), 4 HD tires, driver, 2 linked RL front (10/reg), JD (10/reg) rear, 10 pts Comp Armor around driver (2sp) & PP (5sp), 51 pts sloped composite armor (41 Metal/10 Plastic): F(10/0) B(9/0) R(10/0) L(10/0) T(0/6) U(2/4), HC 3, Acc 5, Top 92.5, 5610 lbs, $9877.50

Design Notes - I tried to make a decent Div10 sedan but I found that to make this actually usable I didn't feel good about taking too much out, as can be seen with the hideous div10 option (which may actually be different enough to not be the same car, although it's been a long time since I had a Div10 duel so who knows).

Name Notes - From the Wiki: "Bergelmir (/bɛərˈjɛlmɪər/ bair-YEL-meer) or Saturn XXXVIII (38) (provisional designation S/2004 S 15) is a natural satellite of Saturn. ... It was named in April 2007 after Bergelmir, a giant from Norse mythology and the grandson of Ymir, the primordial giant. Bergelmir and his wife alone among their kind were the only survivors of the enormous deluge of blood from Ymir's wounds when he was killed by Odin and his brothers at the dawn of time. Bergelmir then became the progenitor of a new race of giants."

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