Friday, August 31, 2007

Jeffro Moved?

Last year, when I was going through my first-off Car Wars rejuvination (2056 for all you forward leaners), I think I found all of the possible online resources that my computer could access (including the link to the data from UACFH in French).

One resource, which I realize must have been the impetus for my decision to launch this blog, was Jeffro's gaming blog. It has since moved to a shiny new, and well apportioned, new location.

Check it out!

Information I Lack

About Car Wars, that is. What I said in the previous entry (New Models and Many Rants) was that I don't have CWC25 or AUCFH. I only have CWC2 and online resources. In my attempt to reverse engineer information from the MADHAT design tool, and other stuff, I've put together this list of new/missing information:

New and Unknown

  1. Military Targeting Laser - what purpose does this have? While I'm not including on this list all the rest of the banned military equipement, this one just confuses me. The rest of the banned stuff just seems to be simple cut-and-paste upgrades (a *heavy* vulcan, a *heavy* autocannon... it reminds me of the D20 Epic rules which reads just like the Players Handbook just with 'epic' added to every phrase. Jeesh.)

  2. This whole list from here:

    1. Anti-Personnel Net Grenade
    2. Airbag Restraints
    3. Biodegradable Munitions
    4. Chemical Laser Grenades
    5. Catalytic Spikes
    6. Explosive Net Grenade
    7. High-Explosive Squash-Head Grenades
    8. Radio-Controlled DSP/LDSP
    9. Portable Stickyfoam Sprayer
    10. Programmable Mines
    11. Pyrophoric Oil
    12. Stickyfoam Discharger
    13. Stickyfoam Neutraliser
    14. Stickyfoam Sprayer
    15. Voice Controls

  3. Stickyfoam - A special mentioned for this. I see this, and its neutralizer, in MADHAT and the name alone gives me the creeps. I am scared to know what rule-massacring this substance does.

  4. Spinal Mounts (I understand it's in ADQ 10/4, which hasn't been HTMLed)

There may be more, but that will do for now.

New Models and Many Rants

At this point, I've uploaded the notes of my old model cars. Now that I have cleansed my mental palette, I can now put up new designs and upgrades.

The resources I am using for this endeavor are my old books:
1. Car Wars Pocket Box (1983 Edition)
2. Truck Stop Pocket Box
3. Uncle Al 2035
4. ADQ 3/1, 3/3
4. Notes from my friends books (I had little disposable income as a teenager, cry me a river)

And the recent resources:
1. Car Wars Compendium vol. 2 (1990, ISBN 1556341458) - the only core rulebook still available (see below)
2. GURPS Autoduel America (1997, ISBN 1556342403) - just to get into the RPG mood
3. The MADHAT excel car designer
4. A lot of great online stuff (which I've tried to put in my link-list)

The problem is that I do not own the most up-to-date rulebooks:
1. The Car Wars Compendium, vol. 2, 5th Edition. (1996, ISBN 1556343167)
2. Uncle Albert's Catalog from Hell (ISBN 1556342209)

The CWC2.5 - as it's known - costs $100-300. UACFH has been seen in the mid-$30 range. After a few months of trying to buy both, I succumbed and purchased CWC2 for $6.99. $300 vs. 7? You do the math.

I felt the purchase was justified because - as far as I could glean online - there doesn't seem to be major differences. Note, for the life of me, while I can find some errata for the 1990 book (here), it's not on the official page and I don't see a list of changes from 2.0 to 2.5.

Core Rulebook Rant

Why are the CORE RULEBOOKS not being printed by Steve Jackson games? Or even being offered as PDF files on their website? Possible answers:

1. SJGames has introduced an updated "5th Edition" version of the game - which is not well liked, as far as I can tell - and SJ doesn't want to promulgate any books from it's old regime.

2. and/or SJGames can claim they *do* sell the old books... by providing a page of stores around the world that sell old games. And considering SJGames created "Illuminati" they may also be anonymously selling their stockpile of old rulebooks to make the 500% markup on the cover-price.

Considering how easy and cheap it would be to make a PDF copy of these books, the fact that SJGames doesn't is infuriating.

As it is, there are a few new weapons and rules that I don't have in my rulebooks - or have found online. I've spent some time reverse engineering the MADHAT information, but that only goes so far.

As such, the new designs and rules-rants I will soon post are hampered by my rulebook ignorance. Apologies ahead of time.

Ox 2037 - RPG Tractor/Tow-Truck (Obs.)

Sleeper Long Nose (tow-truck), Xhvy. Ch. OR suspension, 10 SD tires, driver 6 10pt. wheel-guards, 3-axle drive, derrick, 4 righting porta-shops, super-winch, reg. winch cable, 3 differential locks, auto-battery; 4 space UM turret, 2 linked lasers in turret, (+ 10 pts. Component armor); 2 3 sp. EWP with 3 linked MGs each (linked in 2s & 3s) (+10 pts. component armor), EWP have 10 pts armor, Hi-Res comp., 135 pts plastic armor: F50, R35, L35, B10, U20, T25; HC 1, Acc. 2.5/5; 16190 lbs., $161,100

Design Notes: In the same issue cited below with the Security Stalker and Warhorse, there was an article about creating tow-trucks. And so this is my option. Overarmed and under-armored as usual.

It's obsolete because, way back when, I don't think componant armor took up space (or at least my friends and I didn't know about it).

[Updated Nov 11, 2013]

Schoolbus 2037 - RPG/Replica 30' Bus

30' bus, Xhvy Ch., Reg. truck PP, 10 SD tires, driver, 26 passengers, 4 linked RR in 2 turrets (rear higher); ID rear, IFE, 6 10 pt WG, 230 FP Armor: F30 30 on all sides B30, 15 all top 10 all underbody; Acc. reg, HC 1, 19200 lbs loaded; $72,950

Design Notes: A little underarmored for a schoolbus. I estimated each passenger was same size/weight as an adult but that's probably inaccurate in game terms (and while kids in 2007 are massive, how fat can you get on 2050 algae?). This should probably only be used in cities.

Name Notes:  The original name was "Skoolbus." 

[Updated Nov 12, 2013]

Mary-Jane - 128K Reefer Trailer

40' reefer trailer, 8 SD tires, 4 10 pt. WG, std. kingpin, 2 4-space turrets (front higher), 2 linked VMG each, 2 linked HL back, SD back, 2 MD (BR, BL), all defenses linked, 2 laser batteries, 1500 pts. Armor plastic armor: F70, B350, sides all 200, all top and bottom 70, weight: 37,135 lbs empty, 58 cargo spaces, $127,750

Design Notes: Get it, "Mary Jane" for a reefer trailer? I crack me up (20 years ago). Ah well. I guess this is workable. In general, based on personality, I was much more about using offensive than defensive weaponry. I like throwing slugs over forcing control rolls.

This can be especially applied with trucks: so much weight and space can be given to massive guns. Yum. But convention states 'defensive weapons' so I add them out of tradition.

It seems odd, though, that trucks in 2037/57 would use dropped solids or oil. While most have solid tires, making spikes negligible, who wants to hit a patch of old mines or oil on I-40 when you've got the hammer down and a curfew to meet? Smoke, ice, paint, flame-clouds, and flaming oil all disappear in a few minutes; but mines and oil should be discouraged by the Brotherhood as a fraternal gesture of goodwill.

Name Notes:  Mary Jane is still better than the original name: "Marywanna"

[Updated Nov 11, 2013]

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stamino 2037 - 118K Tractor

Sleeper Long Nose, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., 2 reg. truck plants, 10 SD tires, HL in turret, AC front,  Hi-Res computer; 6 10 pt. WG, 144 pts. Armor: F40 R30 L30 T25 B9 U10; Acc. reg, HC 0, 16194 lbs, $117,246

Design Notes: Standard story, low armor, heavy weaponry. And it's a nice idea - two truck plants - and can be useful in long scenario games. Then, if so, the weaponry should be VMGs or even MGs (which are more common and more salvageable). Naturally I need a gunner (for the trailer weaponry and to share the driving) and MORE ARMOR.

Zeno 2037 - RPG Q-Tanker Trailer (Imperial)

40' Tanker trailer, 12 SD tires, 2 disguised turrets (as tanker portholes) each with AC (front higher), 3 linked HDID (B, BL, BR), explosive kingpin, 22 AP grenades, 6 10 pt. WG; 44 cargo spaces; 400 pts. Armor, F20, all R & L 45, all U & T 35, B 60; unloaded weight 16,985; $80,900

Design Notes - Another concept car; this was based on the idea that tankers normally carried only defensive weaponry. So I felt, gee, why not disguise those tanker covers as turrets! They're both round! Brilliant!

Name Notes - This was originally named "Fomar."  When I did the write-ups back in 2037, I tried to weed out the bad names and used different naming conventions.  The Imperial series are named after Roman Emperors.  Zeno, according to the Wiki, was a.k.a. Flavius Zeno Augustus and he "was Byzantine Emperor from 474 to 475 and again from 476 to 491."

[Update, Nov 8, 2013]

Clydesdale 2037 - RPG Truck Tractor

Std. Cabover, Std. Chassis, Super Truck PP, 10 SD tires, driver, 60 lbs armor, F20 L15 R15 B0 U10 T10; HC 0, 9990 lbs, $53,800 - can haul 70,010 lbs.

Design Notes: A thought experiment (putting the strongest engine in the lightest cab). Put some armor on this puppy. And, ya know, a weapon.

Name Notes: Original name, based on my dorkiest naming policy ever, "Heviepull."  'Nuff said.  Oh, and when I renamed it, I spelled it wrong: "Clysdale"

Praetorian 2037 - 252K Van Trailer (Imperial)

40' van trailer, 12 SD tires, 6 gunners, 2 UM turrets (F higher) with 2 linked Lasers each, 5 linked HL back; HDID with mag back, SD with mag & MD linked back (see picture), Back Left: HDSS with mag, HDID with mag, SD with mag, MD all linked; Back Right: HDSS with mag, MD, SD with mag, all linked; Front Left & Right: PS each. All defense weapons 'panic link.' 6 laser batteries; all gunners have IBA & hi-res computer. Cargo space: 1 self destruct cargo safe. Quick-release kingpin; FPLR armor: F70, B210, all R&L 130, all U & T 50. Unloaded weight: 48,630 lbs; $251,850

Design Notes: The overkill in this vehicle is cartoonish; I almost expect the Coyote to be driving this with a big "Acme" sign on the side of the truck. Yeesh.

Name Notes: This was not the original name, but I do like it.

[Updated Nov 11, 2013]

Deathnaught 2037 - 225K 40' Bus

40' bus, driver, 3 gunners, 12 SD tires, 6 10 pt. wheelguards, Reg truck PP, 2 4sp. UM with 2 linked VMG each, 2 linked HL front, AC R & L, 2 linked VMG back, MD with napalm back, Roll Cage, IFE, Cyberlink to HL, 4 Hi-Res computer, No-Paint/Tinted windshield, anti-theft system with 22 AP grenades, 11 smoke dischargers, IR sighting system, 2 laser batteries, 4 ejector seats, LDR, FP armor: F50 (ram), B44. sides all 35, top all 17, under all 18, HC 1, Acc. reg., 26596 lbs., $225,620

Design Notes: I was like a kid in a candy story. Look at all these idiotic weapons all in one machine. And ejector seats?

[Updated Nov 8, 2013]

Baalzebub - Flatbed Trailer

40' flatbed trailer, 8 SD tires, 4 10 pt. WG, Reg. kingpin; 6 space armored box with 2 linked HL rear; 140 pts. Armor: FU 70 BU 70; Box (150) F20 B40 R35 L35 T20; HC 1; 8630 lbs., $46,800

Design Notes: As I mentioned with choppers, there's just so much weight and weaponry available for trucks that unless there's a severe price limit (and usually there are for scenarios/RPGs) the trucks become rolling death machines. And rightly so, don't get me wrong.

Name Notes:  As you can see from the above pic, the original name was "Balzabul" but I changed it for the original write-up to conform to the more famous version of the name.

[Updated Nov 6, 2013]

Battleaxe - 120K Std. Copter

Std. Copter, Super Copter PP, pilot; 2 linked HL front, 2 linked HL rear; 760 pts. Armor: F170 B130 L125 R125 U150 T60; Acc. 5, HC 2; $119,990

Design Notes: I love the image of the name and the weaponry together. The image of the double-headed blade and the double-ended chopper. This needs an update.

[Updated Nov 6, 2013] Old pic:

Wizard 2037 - Div80 Copter

Small Copter, Small PP, CACR, pilot, 2 linked Twin-Lasers front, 1 space bomb rack with 1 bomb; cyberlink to TwLs; 190 pts Armor: F40 R35 L35 B35 U40 T5; HC 3, Acc 5?, 7850 lbs., $79,050

Design Notes: This is a pretty nasty chopper (I could probably do without the bomb and put in some kind of missile system). I should upgrade/update. I happen to be partial to Twin Lasers (I'll save the discussion for a rant).

Update Nov 13, 2013: The CACR was called a "double blade" system, at least by me, back in 2037.  And the Twin Laser was a Double Laser.

Tigerhawk 2037 - Div50 Small Copter

Small Copter, Small Copter PP, pilot, UM turret with RR with mag (fires back), 2 linked RR front, computer; 273 pts. Armor: F60 R45 L45 B50 U60 T13; Acc. 5, HC 2; 7995 lbs., $49,960

Design Notes: Hey, why not. I think I threw in magazines when I could think of nothing else to use in a space (instead of something more useful in a duel, like a fire extinguisher).

Stratofortress 2037 - RPG Transport Copter

Transport Copter, Super PP, Pilot & 4 gunners, 2 linked VMG front, 2 linked MGs B, R, L; 2 linked MGs in 4 sp. Cupola; incendiary ammo for all. IFE, 5 hi-res comp.; 4 cargo spaces - 700 lbs. 550 pts FP Plastic armor: F 110 R 90 L 90 B 100 T 55 U 110; Acc 5, HC 1; 20000 lbs, $190,850.
  • Targeting Fortress - remove 4 hi-res, upgrade VMG to HD-Incen., add Infrared and 4 cyberlinks, no cargo: $244,950
  • Bomb Fortress - remove gunners, replace with computer gunners, ammo regular, remove IFE, add 9 bombs, 2 cluster bombs; no cargo; $204,150
  • Fortress Deluxe - add CACR, RL back with computer gunner, $233,500
  • Laser Fortress - upgrade MGs to LLs, VMGs to Lasers, add 3 laser batteries in cargo space, 1 cargo space left with 300 lbs. capacity, $212,200

Design Notes - As you'll see with my tractor-trailers, I just went crazy with weaponry without much strategic thought. There's so much room, enormous weight capacity, and no price limit: so why not 8 machine guns?! Yeah, why not.

Name Notes -  The original name was "Flying Fortress" and was named for the WWII era B-17 Flying Fortress, which was festooned with 50 cal. machine guns (no Vulcans, yeah, but I couldn't resist) and famously had a belly cupola.  According to the Wiki, the armament was: "13 × .50 in (12.7 mm) M2 Browning machine guns in 8 positions (2 in the Bendix chin turret, 2 on nose cheeks, two staggered waist guns, 2 in upper Sperry turret, 2 in Sperry ball turret in belly, 2 in the tail and one in the nose)"
[Updated Nov 8, 2013]

War Pig - RPG Std. Copter

Std. Chopper, Super PP, driver & 1 passenger, HL in 3 sp. UM turret (facing rear), 2 linked AC front, 3 cluster bombs, 889 pts. Armor: F200, R140, L140, B140, T89, U180, Acc. 5, HC 2, 19996 lbs., $122,270

Combat record
  • 41 hits front, 45 to L, 15 to top, 10 to R, and 1 pt. each to all internals (fire?) 
  • Did I even fire my guns?

Design Notes: This was in some scenario, either a dogfight or fighting more than one ground vehicle (maybe an agreed upon limit of $125K?). Choppers, like trucks, were designed late enough in Car Wars history that they were more logical in allowing enormous weaponry and armor. Fun fights but air-war can last a long time.

Name Notes: Original name was "L20-#6605"

[Updated Nov 10, 2013]

Seismic 2037 - Div30 One-man Chopper

One-man chopper, mini-PP, pilot, VMG with mag front, 160 pts. Armor: F35 B30 R30 L30 U30 T5, rotors 3, Acc. 5, HC 3, 4995 lbs, $26,010

Design Notes: Is there any simpler chopper? I had notes for a "Sizzler" Option - incendiary ammo in VMG, remove mag. put in FE, FP armor, but I don't have the final cost or weight (and MADHAT - which I've come to rely entirely too much upon - don't do choppers).

Name Notes:  Original name was "Sizemo."
[Updated Nov 12, 2013]

Havoc - Div75 Small Copter (Combat)

Small Copter, Small PP, Pilot, 2 linked Lasers front, 3 CB, Hi-Res computer; 260 pts. Armor: F60, R45, L45, B40, U50, T20; Acc. 5, HC 2, 8000 lbs., $60,800

Combat record: 30 hits to rear, not much else.

Design notes: Like with bikes, copters started off very simple without many doodads. And unless you like 3D-Tic-Tac-Toe, multiple bogey chopper duels can get prohibitively complicated. Still, I liked the ability to pile on armor with heavy weaponry.

[Updated Nov 10, 2013]

Zephyr 2037 - Div3Q Medium Cycle

Medium Cycle, Hvy Sus., Med. Cycle PP, 2 PRR, RL front, Targ. Comp., 38 pts Armor: F19 B19; Acc. 10, HC 3; 1100 lbs., $5668

Combat record: 
  • 8 shots to rear tire, 2 to front tire, destroyed RL.

2057 Option: SWC (shows you how old this design is); $5168

Design Notes: In the old days there wasn't much to do with motorcycles. They're meant to travel in packs and are basically mobile gun platforms. In recent years there have been more accessories that make them a bit less vanilla.

Asteroid 2037 - Div10 Heavy Cycle & Sidecar (Galaxy)

Heavy Cycle, Hvy. Sus., Super Cycle PP, Driver, 2 PR tires, RR front, SD back, Armor F10 B10; Acc. 10, HC 2 (and with sidecar); 1295 lbs, $5990

Sidecar ("Asteroid Field) - Heavy CTS, Std. sus., RL in turret, PR tire; Armor: F2 RS B2 U1 T4; HC 1, 797 lbs., $3100 (total: $9600)

Design Notes: What's not to like? Well maybe that the sidecar can be blown away with 1 shot from an MG, but, hey, that's the biker life.

[Updated Nov 5, 2013]

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Armageddon I 2037 - Div30 Van (Obsolete)

First update here. Revised write-ups: Armageddon II & Armageddon III.

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, driver, 4 SD rear 2 PRR tires front, 3 space turret with TL, LGL to 3 HR each with 3 space Rocket Magazines (12 HR total), TL front, LGL to linked MFR F, plus a further link to 13th HR front, Targeting computer; 99 pts. plastic Armor: F20 R19 L19 B20 T11 U10; Acc 5, HC 3; 7191 lbs., $27,470

  • Option 1 - switch rear tires from SD to PR, Infrared TL in turret, all rockets linked in 3s and 2s (8 links total), replace front TL, HR & MFR (and LGL links) with 2 linked HDFOJ back right and left corners (10 shots in 1, 9 shots in another). Targ. to Hi-Res Computer. Add 20 pts. armor & FP: F30 R20 L20 B20 U4 T25, 7193 lbs., $33,800  

  • Option 2 - Like Option1 but keep SD tires, replace HR with 24 Light rockets, LGL all, full load in HDFOJ, and add 15 more pts. Armor, 7198 lbs. $35,990

Design Notes - This is a common enough design - the exploitation of laser guidance and Heavy Rockets (see Phobos). It's good for weight management (especially with a regular Rocket Launcher), which makes it ideal for vans. I don't remember playtesting this design or not, but sending 9 dice of damage with a 4 to hit can ruin anyone's day. Even more so if I make the rockets incendiary or armor-piercing.

Name Notes The original name was "Doyhap" then "Thanos" - I'm not sure why I dropped that in favor of Armageddon.

UPDATE -  Nov 5, 2013: looking at this write-up, I think that I edited it on the fly, because it doesn't match so well the scans I just made.  Rather than amending it here, I will rewrite it wholly.

Chronos 2037 - Div30 Van (Galaxy) (Obsolete)

Updated here.

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, driver & gunner, 4 PR rear, 2 PRR front, 2 linked VMG front, 3 sp. turret with 3 MML (10/reg), MD + SD + SS + OJ + ID all linked rear; Hi-res to gunner; SWC to turret for driver; 98 pts Plastic Armor: F20 R20 L20 B20 T8 U10; Acc. 5, HC 3; 7192 lbs., $29,890

Design Notes - Ah, the 3 MML trick. That would be fine as long as special ammo (especially incendiaries, as long as the rule loophole still applies - i.e. that a 1d incendiary is as effective as 2d, so 2 MGs/MML will be more likely to ignite your enemy than 1 VMG/RL). The VMG, while fun, are unnecessary. In a modern van those 4 spaces MUST go to component armor.

This is obsolete because of the PRR problem. 

In looking at the original write-up, I see that I finally realized that the HRTC should go to the gunner and not the driver.

Name Notes-  As you can see from the original scan above, this car was originally called "Backaterror."  While I thought the name Chronos is galaxy related, there are two big problems: (a) I don't see any planet or moon named Chronos!  The best I can approximate is that it's the Greek name for Saturn.  (b) In Greek mythology there were two beings, Chronos the god of time and Cronus the father of Zeus.  Chronos isn't Saturn, Cronus is.  Woops. As a kid I was an expert in Greek Mythology and I just got this wrong.

[Updated Nov 8, 2013]

Europa 2037 - Div35 Van (Galaxy)

Update here.

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, driver, 6 SD tires, HL in turret, 4 linked OJ (R, L, BL, BR); HRSWC, 12 spaces empty; 135 pts Plastic Armor: F28 R26 L26 B25 T15 U15; Acc. 5, HC 2; 7190 lbs. $32,650

  • Option 1 - FP armor, remove HRSWC; $34,200
  • Option 2 - Like original, convert OJs to FOJs (3 with 25 shots, 1 with 20; 95 shots total); 7200 lbs, $35,175

Design Notes - This has potential so there's a 2057 update in the works. (March 20, 2014 - I updated the details and changed the HRTC to a HRSWC in the original).

Name Notes - Europa is a big moon of Jupiter.

[Updated: Nov 8, 2013]

Jupiter 2037 - Div25 Van (Galaxy) (Obsolete)

Updated here.

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, driver, 4 SD tires rear 2 PRR front, 2 linked RR with mag front, RR in turret with mag, HDSS with mag rear, Targ. Comp., 6x10 pt. WG; 112 pts Armor: F25 R20 L20 B20 T12 U15; Acc. 5, HC 2, 7188 lbs., $24,060

  • Option 1 - "Jupiter-L" - remove extra mags from front RR, replace RR in turret with Laser, add 3 pts. Armor, 7197 lbs, $29,100

Design Notes: all those magazines! Maybe if this were a long distance machine... but like with the famous "Warhorse" this wouldn't last a minute against 3 ordinary motorcycles. Although I should play test that claim.

[Nov 10, 2013 Update:  I think these early galaxy cars were some of the first I designed]

Aqualung 2037 - Div50 Van

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, driver, 6 SD tires, 2 linked Lasers front, Laser in turret, OJ back, 3 laser batteries, 120 pts Armor: F20 L20 R20 B20 T20 U20; Acc. 5, HC 2, 7192 lbs., $46,530

Design Notes - Same old story - underarmored, overweaponed, 4 weapon-systems and no gunner. Sigh. (Nov 13, 2013 update: This is a very early design of mine, look at the scan above).

Name Notes - I renamed it recently during my Jethro Tull listening phase. (Nov 13, 2013 update: the original was unnamed).

Antiped 3 (2037) - RPG Van

Updated here.

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, driver & gunner, 6 PRR tires, 3 linked FG with mag in turret, GL (F, R, L) with tear gas loads, HDSS with tear gas rear, 6 10 pt. WG & 6 10 pt. WH, 59 pts. Armor (F15 R10 L10 B15 T5 U4), HC 2, Acc 5, 7196 lbs., $24,420.

Design Notes: The anti-pedestrian van to the rescue! See the other idiocies in this category, and the discussion in the first entry here. Maybe, RPG-wise, these cars would be useful for family reunions.

Name Notes: Original name was "Anteeped III".

Phalanx 2037 - Div30 Van (Obsolete)

Updated here.

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, 4 SD tires back 2 PRR front, driver & gunner, 3 space UM turret, OG with magazine switch to paint, Laser front, 2 targ. comp., 158 pts plastic Armor: F30 R35 L35 B30 T18 U15. Acc. 5, HC 3, 7197 lbs., $29,600

Design Notes: This is pretty good! I must have made this later than the others. Let me upgrade this for nowadays and see how she tests in the arena. Update: I think those armor numbers are way off... there's no way this can carry 158 pts of armor (4740 lbs!) with a Laser.

Ruthless 2037 - Div25 Van

Updated here.

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, driver, 6 PRR tires, VMG in turret, 2 linked RL front, FOJ back, 2 MD (R & L), all back weapons linked, ramplate; 125 pts Armor: F30 (ram), L20 R20 B25 T15 U15; Acc. 5, HC 3, 7200 lbs., $24,775

  • Option 1: remove 1 MD, add gunner and 1 targ. comp., or two SWC (RL); and 50 lbs. cargo for 11 spaces; 7150 lbs, $24,775
  • Option 2: same as option 1 but instead of cargo, add 3 pts. Armor, 7192 lbs., $24,865
Design Notes: Many weapons, little armor, no gunner. Sad. And I love how 50 lbs will only get *3* points of armor. The component armor cheat was made for vans.

2013 Update:The original was unnamed.

Impetus 2037 - Div50 Van (Obs.)

Updated here:
Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, driver, 4 PR tires rear, 2 PRR front, 2 linked HL front, Hi-Res computer; 106 pts FP Plastic Armor: F20 (ram) L21 R21 B22 T7 U15; Acc. 5, HC 3, 7194 lbs., $44,510

Design Notes: Woof. Who doesn't liked linked Heavy Lasers (I liked them a bit too much, truth be told). But the armor is absurdly light.

Name Notes: Original name: "Iiyap," likely from my 3 letter period.

Oct 3 2013 - I was looking to upgrade this, but I wanted to check on the ol' Madhat Excel whether the numbers add up.  They don't.  Then even the base design is stupid; the crazy low armor - with a ramplate! - and why is this a Van?  I have 10 spaces left!  It can't be from the 1/3 rule, because 2 HL is only 6 - that can fit in a luxury!  It can also almost fit in a pickup... now that may work.  As for the Van, the design is crackers.

Corps 2037 - Div30 Van (Obsolete)

Updated here.

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, 4 SD back, 2 PRR front, driver, 3 linked MML with mags in turret, 2 linked RR front with magazines, HDOJ back; Hi-Res comp. 8 cargo spaces, 132 pts. Armor: F30 R20 L20 B30 T16 U16; Acc. 5, HC 3; 7198 lbs., $29,060

  • Old Deluxe Option - upgrade to HDFOJ, remove 1 pt. Armor, take out HRTC; 7194 lbs., $26,080
  • New Deluxe Option - upgrade to HDFOJ, remove 4 pts. Armor; 7152 lbs., $29,990 
  • Old Duel Option - make RR into RL; add 14 pts. Armor, 7194 lbs; $29,480
Design Notes - Obsolete because of the tire trick. This can use an upgrade (for example, adding a gunner).

Name Notes -  The original name was "Wahip" - arrived at from the 3-consanant method, as I see from the original write-up (the three letters were W-H-P, so why couldn't I use 'whip'?)

[Updated Nov 8, 2013]

Tempest 2037 - Div25 Van

Updated here.

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, 6 PR tires, driver, 2 linked RL front, 2 linked MFR rear with TL, LGL to rear rockets; Targ. Comp. 200 pts. Armor: F50 R40 L40 B30 T15 U25; Acc. 5, HC 2; 7200 lbs., $22,300

Design Notes - Well, I think this was another design experiment with the purpose of 'making a serviceable van with 200 points of armor.' It needs updating but it may actually be a good idea.

Name Notes -  Original name, "Kafoop."

[Updated Nov 10, 2013]

Sherman's Revenge 2037 - Div30 Van (Obsolete)

Updated here.
Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, 6 PR tires, driver, AC front, MG with mag R&L, RL in turret, OJ with mag & MD back (linked), 5 smoke disch., Hi-Res comp.; 116 pts. Armor: F30 R20 L20 B26 T10 U10; Acc. 5, HC 2; 7199 lbs., $27,980
  • Option: remove RL, put MGs in turret, add gunner with targ. comp., add 7 pts. Armor; 7197 lbs., $27,840
Design Notes - Even with the option - which has my recent fingerprints, taking out weapons and adding a gunner and armor - this is a poor design. Why not put the AC in the turret?

Name Notes -The original name was "Sherman Taink" - and I think this is one of the first 3 I ever made, given the bad art, bad name, and overkill design.

[Updated Nov 12, 2013]

Blowout 2037 - Div25 Van

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, 6 SD tires, driver & gunner, 7 RL: 2 linked front, 2 back, 1 R & L, 1 in turret, 1 targ. comp, 1 SWC, 100 pts. Armor: F25 R20 L20 B20 T5 U10; Acc. 5, HC 2; 7200 lbs., $25,000

  • 2057 Update - Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, 6 SD tires, driver & gunner, 7 RL: 2 linked front, 2 linked back, 1 R & L, 1 in turret, 2 targ. comp, 100 pts. Armor: F25 R20 L20 B20 T5 U10; Acc. 5, HC 2; 7200 lbs., $25,550

Design Notes: At least I wasn't stupid enough to take *this* into combat. It's so dim that I should just call it a 'concept-car' and be done with it. 

Name Notes: The original name was "Rockette Launcher" - I had 2 models for names back in the day, either a stupid respelling of the main purpose (like this), or a choice of random consonants (like this).

[Updated Nov 6, 2013; I uploaded the original scan, and fixed some of the errors from 2057]

Abyssal 2037 - Div25 Van

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, 6 PR tires, driver, 3 MGs in 3sp. turret, 2 linked RL front, 2 OG (R & L), 2 lined GS (BL, BR) with magazines [4 shots each]; targeting comp., 94 pts Armor: F20 L17 R17 B20 T10 U10; Acc. 5, HC 2; 7196 lbs., $24,200
  • Option 1: remove 1 GS with mag, add gunner & SWC to RLs + 1 pt. armor; 7195 lbs. $24,400
  • Option 2: remove RLs, add gunner, second computer, and 36 pts armor, (cargo 9 spaces for 1 lb), 7199 lbs., $23,870.
  • GS to TGS, add $40
  • OG to PG, no extra cost
Design Notes - I added the second option right now; it's not enough to save this, but it's getting closer to a workable van: big defensive weapons, my favorite Van weapon (oilgun), and a gunner.

Name Notes - Original name: "Marfupian." Not sure where I got Abyssal, but it's cool.

[Updated Nov 11, 2013]

Iapetus 2037 - Div30 Van (Galaxy) (Obsolete)

Updated here.

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Super PP, driver, 2 gunners, 4 SD tires back, 2 PR tires front, AC in 3 sp. turret, 2 linked RL front, RL back, SS back, 3 targeting computers, 94 pts. Armor: F20, R17, L17, B20, T10, U10. Acc. 5, HC 2, 7191 lbs. $29,850

Combat record
  • 20 hits to front, front RLs destroyed, rear RL1 hit, SS hit
  • ugh. Front breached swiftly..

Design Notes: Can't have two gunners anymore. Even then, 94 pts of armor? No wonder I was torn to shreds. I should make a motto for 2037 Styx Motors: "If You Have No Armor Left But Plenty of Ammo, You're in a Styx"

Name note: Iapetus is a moon of Saturn.

[Updated Nov 10, 2013]

Tethys 2037 - Div30 Van (Galaxy)

Updated here.

Van, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Super PP, driver, 4 SD tires back, 2 PR front, 3 linked MML in turret, 2 linked RR front with mags., MD back with mag, 5 PS (B,R,L, corner L & R). Defenses linked every which way. Targ. Comp. 100 pts. Armor: F20 R17 L17 B20 U10 T11; Acc. 5, HC 2, 7195, $27,750

Combat record: 
  • Dead meat. 
  • MMLs fired once, RRs once, defenses nil, 
  • left hit 8, back breached, all rear weapons destroyed, driver, 4 hits to PP. 
  • Ugh.

Design Notes: Another one in my long string of combat poor vans. All that space with way too heavy armor. And why no freakin' gunners? A gunner should be van standard equipment!

Name Notes: Tethys is a moon of Saturn.   And this is the handmade counter I made for this:

[Updated Nov 12, 2013]

Van introduction (and rant)

Vans are the La Brea Tar Pits of beginners to Car Wars. "SO. MUCH. SPACE." they say to themselves, until they realize that you can only get 2 digits of armor on that mystery machine. As opposed to our everyday experience - where vans are useful and common - they are worthless in Car Wars.

I remember the first ADQ I purchased (3/3) has this ad for the "Security Stalker" - a state of the art wonder machine - that uses the new Gauss Gun and stealth technologies. Wow. Except that, young as I was, I realized that the armor (F15, R15, L15, B10, T11, U10) couldn't withstand one hit with most division 20 cars (let alone anything with a price tag of $57,130).

In the very same magazine was a great article - a perfect example of what game magazines should have - about a cross-country record made by two delivery people. It established the RPG mood of the car-wars world and it probably sparked a lot of my RPG designs. The world of Car Wars was a fascinating one to populate and elaborate.

So anyway, the car they made cross country in 2036 was this (thanks to Odette Morrison):
Warhorse: Van, extra heavy chassis, heavy suspension, super power plant, six solid tires. Armor 135 points (T10, F30, R25, L25, B30, U15). One driver, one gunner. Mounts one AC (autocannon) forward, also mounts 2 HR (heavy rockets) forward -- fired by front bumper trigger. One RL (rocket launcher), and 2 linked PS (paint sprays) also fired by a rear bumper trigger, are mounted in the rear. Carries an improved fire extinguisher, one LDR (Long Distance Radio), and hi-res targeting computers for both driver and gunner. 10 cargo spaces with a 60 lbs. capacity. HC 2, acceleration 5. Weight without cargo -- 7,140 Lbs., cost -- $33,250.

HC 2? 135 pts armor?? Cross country??? Vans were like "Hotshot" all over again.

But this clear, obvious, nonsense didn't stop me from making tons of vans. They're second to Luxuries for my favorite design. All that space, you see. And for a designer like myself - the vehicular homicide version of Versace - the design was part of the fun.

I even took some of these dummies into battle. So I have guts, give me that.

Rule-Change Proposals - Unsucking Vans

The goal is to make vans *plausible* for 2050s Autoduel America. Why should such a popular and usable car in 1990s America become obsolete - through suckage - in a car dominated world?

A first step is to employ the cargo and pickup rules I wrote about below. But in addition:

  • Increase weight capacity for chassis. This seems obvious. Make the van like it is in 2007 (acc. to Wiki: "While a minivan can tow between 2,000 and 4,000 pounds, a full size van can tow in excess of 8,000 pounds, as well as its own weight"). So instead of 6000 as base chassis, make it close to 7000.

  • and/or lower the armor weight.

  • and/or make the armor more effective (i.e. it takes 1.5 hits to take off 1 piece of plastic ablative armor).

  • and/or in addition to requiring the trucker skill to drive a van effectively (2057 demands more than just blocky movement; you need to drive a heavy unresponsive brick of a car while shooting at moving targets who are shooting back) - possibly vans over 7200 lbs require *truck power plants.* This will use the space more effectively.

  • Last Idea: Vans should only fight other vans.
  • Uprisal 2037 - Div50 Camper (obsolete)

    Updated here.

    Pickup with Camper Shell, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, 4 SD tires rear & 2 PRR front, driver; 2 linked RR front with mag, GG in turret with mag, Hi-Res comp. 4 10 pt. WG rear WH front, 7 cargo spaces for 11 lbs, 151 pts. FP armor: F40 R30 L30 B25 T13 U13; Acc. 5, HC 3, 7789 lbs.  $40,210.
    • Option 1: replace with HRTC to TC, No FP armor, $32,680
    • Option 2: No FP armor, HRTC: $35,680
    Design Notes: Sigh. Not the worst design, except for my burning space with magazines, but a decent amount of armor. It's obsolete because of the tires, but I guess I can do an upgrade.

    Name Notes: Original name was "Umbrial."

    Updated Nov 13, 2013

    Justice 2037 - Div40 Camper

    Pickup with Camper Shell, Xhvy Chassis, Heavy Sus., Super PP, 6 PR tires, Driver, 2 linked HL front, HDFOJ rear, SWC, 129 pts Armor: F30 B25 R22 L22 T15 U15; HC 2, Acc 5 mph, 7796 lbs, $37,670

    • Option 1 "Deluxe" -add ramplate, remove 15 pts armor, $38,570

    • Option 2 - Camper, Xhvy Ch., Hvy, Sus., Super PP, driver, 6 PR ties, 2 linked HL front, FOJ rear , SWC; 129 pts. FP armor: F30, R22, L22, B25, T15, U15; Acc. 5, HC 3; 7796 lbs., $41,540

    Design Notes: Yeah this looks like the (just uploaded) Sunder but without some of the accessories. Also, as proof that I did not think too much when putting designs together, I decided a *flaming* oil-jet was just the ticket to round out 2 lasers. Why not create my *own* smokescreens?

    Updated Nov 10, 2013:  Name Notes - Original name "Juztiz."  I guess I was all hip-hop even in 1986.

    Sunder 2037 - Div45 Camper

    Pickup with Camper Shell, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Super PP, 6 SD tires, driver, 2 linked HL front, Active Suspension, SWC, bumper trigger, ramplate, 106 pts Armor: F30 (ram), R20 L20 B20 T6 U10; Acc. 5, HC3, 7794 lbs. $42,730
    • 2057 Tweak: Camper, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Super PP, driver, 6 SD tires, 2 linked HL front, hi-res comp., active suspension, bumper trigger, Armor: F30 (ram), R20 L20 B20 T6 U10; Acc. 5, HC3, 7794 lbs. $46,230

    Design Notes: This was almost a design experiment for trying to cram two front HLs. Ah well; I'd prefer one in a turret and put the rest in armor.  [2063: The "option" was an attempt of quick improvement when I first entered this in 2037.]

    Name Notes:  Original name was "Siaesun,"  Don't know what that means.

    [Updated Nov 18, 2013]

    Enduro 2037 - Div40 Camper (obsolete)

    Updated Here:
    Camper, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, driver, 4 SD tires rear, 2 PRR front, 2 linked Lasers front, Laser back, 3 laser batteries, 4 10 pt. WG back & WH front; 133 pts. Armor: F40 R25 L25 B25 T9 U9,Acc. 5, HC 3, 7792 lbs., $39,540

    Design Notes: It's called 'enduro' because it's got 3 laser batteries. Get it? Ugh, a dumb name in a dumb design.

    I think all my 2037 Campers and Vans had the 4 SD - 2 PRR design. That's all we had to work with back then!

    Anyway, I think I could have thrown away 2 batteries, gotten a gunner and a bit more armor and salvaged a bit of this car. But who designs a camper without a turret - esp. a 3 spacer?

    [Updated: Nov 8, 2013]

    Mercy 12 (Ambulance) 2037 - RPG/Replica Camper (Obsolete)

    Pickup with Camper Shell, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Super PP, driver & gunner, 2 passengers (patients); 7 cargo spaces: 2 paramedics & 199 lbs equipment; 4 SD tires rear, 2 PRR front, 2 linked RR front, 2 linked MG in turret, PS rear [not in pic], 2 targ. Computers., 129 lbs. armor: F30 R25 L25 B30 T9 U10; Acc. 5, HC 3; 7800 lbs loaded, $24,470

    Design Notes: Another replica design to answer 'what would a functional ambulance look like in 2040s' It's a little over-armed and under-armored (which became my signature style, ugh).

    Name Notes: Original name: "Ambulickup" - a meshed word of "ambulance" and "pickup"

    Design Contest: The 2057 Ambulance. Can be a van or a camper (or even a bus, but I think the camper is more accurate for today). I think that the crew should be one driver and 4 passengers (2 patients, 2 EMTs, with some room to work).

    Image modified from this site.

    [Updated Nov 11, 2013]