Monday, August 27, 2007

Little Nelly - RPG One-Man Copter

1 man copter, mini PP, stowaway capability, pilot, MG with HD ammo front (9 shots); FT back (4 shots); RGM front; 2 1 sp. EWP with 2 MML (7 shots each); Acc. 5, HC 3; 5000 lbs., $33,830.00

Design notes - Well, after the Aston Martin and Spy Hunter, I might as well detail the third great Car Wars model - "Little Nelly," the James Bond chopper from You Only Live Twice. Clearly the movie chopper was why Car Wars has the 'stowaway capability' in the rules. This was a late 2037 design yet it needs to be updated & tweaked. The massive FT should probably be an LFT and maybe MG into LMG. Also, there should be a new weapon, those mini-aerial bomblets.

Design Contest

Like with the Aston Martin etc., the price is unlimited and illeagal items are acceptable (I guess I could give extra points for street-legal). This must be a one-man copter with the stowaway capability. The Power Plant should be as powerful as possible (Bond says she is 'very fast'). There's specific weaponry, but exactly what?

According to this great James Bond page, the weponry is: "two fixed machine guns (synchronised to a range of 100 yards), smoke emitters, air-to-air missiles, a flame thrower (with a range of 80 yards) and aerial mines. " This is accurate dialogue, but it's incomplete. This site paraphrases (and is more accurate): "‘Little Nellie’ autogyro: armed with two forward-firing synchronised machine guns, forward-firing rocket launchers, rear-firing flame guns, heat-seeking air-to-air missiles, smoke ejectors, aerial mines and helmet camera."

  1. "two forward-firing synchronised machine guns" (MG or LMG as above)
  2. "forward-firing rocket launchers" (they looked like the Uncle Al pic of the MML, but we know that's an artist's error; possibly they should be MFRP or VFRP)
  3. "rear-firing flame guns" (FT or LFT - actually, since this is RPG/military, maybe these could be a modified version of a portable FT...)
  4. "heat-seeking air-to-air missiles" (these didn't exist is 2037 but do now)
  5. "smoke ejectors" (actually I don't remember these from the film... it could just be part of the FT)
  6. "aerial mines" (as above)
  7. "helmet camera" (woop-de-doo)

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