Thursday, August 30, 2007

War Pig - RPG Std. Copter

Std. Chopper, Super PP, driver & 1 passenger, HL in 3 sp. UM turret (facing rear), 2 linked AC front, 3 cluster bombs, 889 pts. Armor: F200, R140, L140, B140, T89, U180, Acc. 5, HC 2, 19996 lbs., $122,270

Combat record
  • 41 hits front, 45 to L, 15 to top, 10 to R, and 1 pt. each to all internals (fire?) 
  • Did I even fire my guns?

Design Notes: This was in some scenario, either a dogfight or fighting more than one ground vehicle (maybe an agreed upon limit of $125K?). Choppers, like trucks, were designed late enough in Car Wars history that they were more logical in allowing enormous weaponry and armor. Fun fights but air-war can last a long time.

Name Notes: Original name was "L20-#6605"

[Updated Nov 10, 2013]

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