Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fumagore - Div50 Luxury (Combat)

Luxury, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Super PP, driver & gunner, 4 Solid tires, 2 linked GG front, RGM back, MD back, 2 hi-res computers, 170 pts. Plastic Armor F40 R30 L30 B35 T15 U20; Acc. 5, HC 3, 6600 lbs, $48,200.

  • Option "Fumagore II" -  downgrade tires to PR, take out 1 HRTC add cyberlink to GGs - $59,000
Combat record
  • SHOTS: 1 shot each for all weapons, 
  • HITS: left armor 15 hits; front armor breached, GGs destroyed, PP 2 hits; 
  • TIRES: lost LF wheel (weapon damage), LB, RF 2 hits, RB 7 hits, 
  • I won!
Design Notes - A decent (winning design) with good armor and nasty weapons. In those simple, under-accessoried days, the high end cars put the money in weapons. This could use an update.

[Updated Nov 3, 2013 - added old picture, and the modifications]

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