Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Charlemagne 2037 - Div20 Luxury

2063 Update here.

Luxury, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, driver, 4 SD tires, 2 linked RR front, RR with 2 mag in turret, HDID back, 187 pts. plastic armor; F 45 R 35 L 35 B 40 T 17 U 15; Acc. 5, HC 3; 6600 lbs. $19,940

Design Notes: This is a nice car and I've upgraded it with the new technology.

Name Notes: The original name, as seen in the scan above, was "Phreze," which makes this an early design, as I was using stupid mispellings as my go-to naming back then.

Here is the modified counter I made for this car (I uploaded the original scan on Nov 11, 2013)

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