Thursday, August 30, 2007

Zeno 2037 - RPG Q-Tanker Trailer (Imperial)

40' Tanker trailer, 12 SD tires, 2 disguised turrets (as tanker portholes) each with AC (front higher), 3 linked HDID (B, BL, BR), explosive kingpin, 22 AP grenades, 6 10 pt. WG; 44 cargo spaces; 400 pts. Armor, F20, all R & L 45, all U & T 35, B 60; unloaded weight 16,985; $80,900

Design Notes - Another concept car; this was based on the idea that tankers normally carried only defensive weaponry. So I felt, gee, why not disguise those tanker covers as turrets! They're both round! Brilliant!

Name Notes - This was originally named "Fomar."  When I did the write-ups back in 2037, I tried to weed out the bad names and used different naming conventions.  The Imperial series are named after Roman Emperors.  Zeno, according to the Wiki, was a.k.a. Flavius Zeno Augustus and he "was Byzantine Emperor from 474 to 475 and again from 476 to 491."

[Update, Nov 8, 2013]

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