Friday, August 31, 2007

Ox 2037 - RPG Tractor/Tow-Truck (Obs.)

Sleeper Long Nose (tow-truck), Xhvy. Ch. OR suspension, 10 SD tires, driver 6 10pt. wheel-guards, 3-axle drive, derrick, 4 righting porta-shops, super-winch, reg. winch cable, 3 differential locks, auto-battery; 4 space UM turret, 2 linked lasers in turret, (+ 10 pts. Component armor); 2 3 sp. EWP with 3 linked MGs each (linked in 2s & 3s) (+10 pts. component armor), EWP have 10 pts armor, Hi-Res comp., 135 pts plastic armor: F50, R35, L35, B10, U20, T25; HC 1, Acc. 2.5/5; 16190 lbs., $161,100

Design Notes: In the same issue cited below with the Security Stalker and Warhorse, there was an article about creating tow-trucks. And so this is my option. Overarmed and under-armored as usual.

It's obsolete because, way back when, I don't think componant armor took up space (or at least my friends and I didn't know about it).

[Updated Nov 11, 2013]

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