Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Antiped Prime - RPG Luxury (Combat)

Luxury, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, driver, 4 SD tires, 2 linked FG in turret, 2 linked GL front & back with tear gas loads, ejector seat, target comp., body armor included. 4 10 pt. WG and WH on each wheel; 137 pts. FP plastic Armor: F30 R25 L25 B25 T10 U12;  Acc. 5, HC 2; 6600 lbs; $24,680

Combat record: 
  • F 12 hits, R 23 hits, B 4 hits, L 4 hits, 
  • 4 shots from GL front, 2 shots back, 
  • note the tires are untouched, 
  • who was I fighting? Bikers? 
  • Also what was with me and no gunners? It's all about the designing with no foresight to how things are actually played.

Design Notes: I have to give my past self credit for actually playtesting some of my stupid ideas. Not enough, I guess. Like Antiped iv (compact) this was part of a design journey to explore the idiocy of anti-pedestrian tactics. Answer me this: why in the fantasy world of Car Wars 2035 did anyone care about using tear gas? I'd say that in the Car Wars RPG a flaming paint cloud is the new tear gas.

This reminds me of what a sick friend of mine said, back in 1985, when I asked about Agent Orange. AO was a defoliant we used on our own troops during Vietnam. I asked what defoliant did we use on the enemy troops and he responded "napalm."

Name Notes:  Original name was just "Anteeped."
[Updated Nov 4, 2013]

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