Friday, August 31, 2007

Mary-Jane - 128K Reefer Trailer

40' reefer trailer, 8 SD tires, 4 10 pt. WG, std. kingpin, 2 4-space turrets (front higher), 2 linked VMG each, 2 linked HL back, SD back, 2 MD (BR, BL), all defenses linked, 2 laser batteries, 1500 pts. Armor plastic armor: F70, B350, sides all 200, all top and bottom 70, weight: 37,135 lbs empty, 58 cargo spaces, $127,750

Design Notes: Get it, "Mary Jane" for a reefer trailer? I crack me up (20 years ago). Ah well. I guess this is workable. In general, based on personality, I was much more about using offensive than defensive weaponry. I like throwing slugs over forcing control rolls.

This can be especially applied with trucks: so much weight and space can be given to massive guns. Yum. But convention states 'defensive weapons' so I add them out of tradition.

It seems odd, though, that trucks in 2037/57 would use dropped solids or oil. While most have solid tires, making spikes negligible, who wants to hit a patch of old mines or oil on I-40 when you've got the hammer down and a curfew to meet? Smoke, ice, paint, flame-clouds, and flaming oil all disappear in a few minutes; but mines and oil should be discouraged by the Brotherhood as a fraternal gesture of goodwill.

Name Notes:  Mary Jane is still better than the original name: "Marywanna"

[Updated Nov 11, 2013]

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