Friday, August 31, 2007

Schoolbus 2037 - RPG/Replica 30' Bus

30' bus, Xhvy Ch., Reg. truck PP, 10 SD tires, driver, 26 passengers, 4 linked RR in 2 turrets (rear higher); ID rear, IFE, 6 10 pt WG, 230 FP Armor: F30 30 on all sides B30, 15 all top 10 all underbody; Acc. reg, HC 1, 19200 lbs loaded; $72,950

Design Notes: A little underarmored for a schoolbus. I estimated each passenger was same size/weight as an adult but that's probably inaccurate in game terms (and while kids in 2007 are massive, how fat can you get on 2050 algae?). This should probably only be used in cities.

Name Notes:  The original name was "Skoolbus." 

[Updated Nov 12, 2013]

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