Thursday, August 30, 2007

Praetorian 2037 - 252K Van Trailer (Imperial)

40' van trailer, 12 SD tires, 6 gunners, 2 UM turrets (F higher) with 2 linked Lasers each, 5 linked HL back; HDID with mag back, SD with mag & MD linked back (see picture), Back Left: HDSS with mag, HDID with mag, SD with mag, MD all linked; Back Right: HDSS with mag, MD, SD with mag, all linked; Front Left & Right: PS each. All defense weapons 'panic link.' 6 laser batteries; all gunners have IBA & hi-res computer. Cargo space: 1 self destruct cargo safe. Quick-release kingpin; FPLR armor: F70, B210, all R&L 130, all U & T 50. Unloaded weight: 48,630 lbs; $251,850

Design Notes: The overkill in this vehicle is cartoonish; I almost expect the Coyote to be driving this with a big "Acme" sign on the side of the truck. Yeesh.

Name Notes: This was not the original name, but I do like it.

[Updated Nov 11, 2013]

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