Monday, August 27, 2007

Spy Hunter 2037 - RPG Luxury

Luxury, Xhy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, 4 SD tires, driver, 2 linked MGs front, 2 linked RGM front, HDOJ with extra mag back, SS back, defenses linked, Hi-res computer, spoiler & airdam, 155 points armor, F30 R30 L30 B30 T15 U20, Acc 5, HC 3, 6600 lbs., $34,650

Design notes - Like the Aston Martin, this is another fiction-replica car; an attempt to emulate the other famous pre-Car Wars vehicle, from the great Spy Hunter video game. This attempt falls short, but I propose a similar design contest using the more versatile 2057 weaponry and accessories.

Design Contest - According to the never incorrect Wikipedia, the car is: "...the fictitious G-6155 Interceptor modelled on a 1983 Z28." The Z28 is a Camaro and is described as a coupe, but the car looked longer and thinner than that to me. In Car Wars terms, it can be a Midsized, Sedan or Luxury.
The car should have:
  1. 2 front machine guns of any type (LMG, MG, VMG, etc.) 
  2. Because these guns didn't need reloading, maybe they should have extra mags (or a big pile of extras and a mag switcher) 

  3. Fully equipped, the Spy-Hunter should have

  4. Oil Slick (with 3-4 shots) 
  5. Smokescreen (possibly HDSS as I have above because it was a big cloud) 
  6. Missile launcher of some sort (HR, RGM) 
After the car is designed, extra credit for designing the Boat version.

And extra, extra points for the Tractor-Trailer red weapons van.

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