Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hotdog 2037 - Div25 Luxury (Combat)

Luxury, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, 4 SD tires, driver (in BA), RR with mag in turret, MFR front, HDFOJ back, bumper trigger front, active suspension, spoiler & airdam, roll cage, SWC to RR, 4x10 pt WG; 141 pts. plastic Armor: F35 (ram) R24 L24 B28 U15 T15; HC 3, Acc 5, 6600 lbs. $24,720

Combat record: 
  • HITS: 4 hits front, 3 R, 35 hits to left (2 went to FOJ, 5 to PP, 2 to driver, 2 to MFR). 
  • SHOTS: RR 1, MFR?
  • I may have won.

Design notes - I had this design phase where I was putting magazines in the 10 shot weapons. Nowadays I reduce VMG to 10 just to buy more armor. The roll cage is rare for me, too. Statistically, is it better to have a MFR or two HRs for 'ram rockets'?

Note,  this is likely one of the earliest designs I made, based on the above art.  And that means that I knew about fancy stuff, SWCs or active suspension, early on.  Actually, since I owned only 3 Car Wars items (the original box set, Truck Stop, and Uncle Al's 2035 guide), that could date this car to when I got Uncle Al.

Name notes - The original name for this care was "Hatcha."   

Above image, used in the 2057 write-up, from here

[Updated Nov 8, 2013]

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