Friday, August 31, 2007

Information I Lack

About Car Wars, that is. What I said in the previous entry (New Models and Many Rants) was that I don't have CWC25 or AUCFH. I only have CWC2 and online resources. In my attempt to reverse engineer information from the MADHAT design tool, and other stuff, I've put together this list of new/missing information:

New and Unknown

  1. Military Targeting Laser - what purpose does this have? While I'm not including on this list all the rest of the banned military equipement, this one just confuses me. The rest of the banned stuff just seems to be simple cut-and-paste upgrades (a *heavy* vulcan, a *heavy* autocannon... it reminds me of the D20 Epic rules which reads just like the Players Handbook just with 'epic' added to every phrase. Jeesh.)

  2. This whole list from here:

    1. Anti-Personnel Net Grenade
    2. Airbag Restraints
    3. Biodegradable Munitions
    4. Chemical Laser Grenades
    5. Catalytic Spikes
    6. Explosive Net Grenade
    7. High-Explosive Squash-Head Grenades
    8. Radio-Controlled DSP/LDSP
    9. Portable Stickyfoam Sprayer
    10. Programmable Mines
    11. Pyrophoric Oil
    12. Stickyfoam Discharger
    13. Stickyfoam Neutraliser
    14. Stickyfoam Sprayer
    15. Voice Controls

  3. Stickyfoam - A special mentioned for this. I see this, and its neutralizer, in MADHAT and the name alone gives me the creeps. I am scared to know what rule-massacring this substance does.

  4. Spinal Mounts (I understand it's in ADQ 10/4, which hasn't been HTMLed)

There may be more, but that will do for now.


Michael P. Owen said...

Steve Jackson Games has posted all of the Car Wars articles from the electronic version of Pyramid Magazine on its Web site. These articles include Uncle Albert's 2050 Catalog Update, a document previously available only to subscribers of Pyramid.

Uncle Albert's 2050 Catalog Update contains many of the weapons and gadgets you stated are not in your inventory of reference materials.

Visit the SWAT Index of Car Wars Articles in Pyramid Magazine to access these files.

The SJ Games Car Wars Discussion Forum also has a Sticky Thread with many of the same links.

SWAT HQ - Car Wars Articles in Pyramid Magazine

Steve Jackson Games Discussion Forums - Car Wars - List of Car Wars Articles in Pyramid

JC said...

Wonderful! Thank you for letting the blog know!