Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wizard 2037 - Div80 Copter

Small Copter, Small PP, CACR, pilot, 2 linked Twin-Lasers front, 1 space bomb rack with 1 bomb; cyberlink to TwLs; 190 pts Armor: F40 R35 L35 B35 U40 T5; HC 3, Acc 5?, 7850 lbs., $79,050

Design Notes: This is a pretty nasty chopper (I could probably do without the bomb and put in some kind of missile system). I should upgrade/update. I happen to be partial to Twin Lasers (I'll save the discussion for a rant).

Update Nov 13, 2013: The CACR was called a "double blade" system, at least by me, back in 2037.  And the Twin Laser was a Double Laser.

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