Monday, August 27, 2007

Pibroch 2037 - Div18 & 20 Compact

Updated here.

Compact, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Large PP, driver, 4 PR tires, HL front, 138 pts Armor: F28 R30 L30 B25 T10 U15, Acc. 5, HC 3, 4378 lbs., $17994

  • Option 1 - "Clumsy Pibroch" - Downgrade suspension to Improved, add 10 pts. armor; HC 2, 4438 lbs., $17,924
  • Option 2 - "Pibroch 20" - add 10 pts armor, SWC; 4438 lbs. $18,624

Design Notes - My friends and I created a Division 18. We found that a lot of designs fell in that category and that it still felt different from 15 & 20. In general the lower price categories were harder to design and rewarded creativity (especially in those low-accessory days).

It's nice to see a Heavy Laser in a low division, let me see if I modernize a design for div15!

The name is from this year; I've been listening to my Jethro Tull recently and it's way better than the original name (which has been lost to history).

Nov 13, 2013 Update: The original was unnamed. 

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