Monday, August 27, 2007

Aston Martin DB V 2037 - RPG Compact

Compact, Hvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Med. PP, 4 PR tires, driver, ejector seat, 2 linked MGs front, OJ rear, 1 smoke discharger rear, SWC. 179 pts. Plastic armor: F40, R35, L35, B40, T10, U19. Acc. 5, HC 3, 3999 lbs., $9,927.00

Design Notes -  This was an attempt to recreate the first Car Wars vehicle ever put in a movie - James Bond's Aston Martin DB 5 (from Goldfinger and on). Why else did Steve J include as original options of the box-game (which I own) an Oil Jet and Smoke Screen?

Alas, I got a bunch of things wrong here. There needs to be a passenger seat (with the ejector - lacking the parachute of course, heh heh), and considering space problems of a compact, the OJ took up too much room. However, back in 2035 there were only smoke dischargers; nowadays I could use an 'oil discharger' (despite my old-school revulsion).

The biggest design flaw is that the DB-V is not a compact. Wiki says that it's a coupe, which is closer to a midsize car (especially since Wiki claims a coupe is just a bit smaller than a Sedan).

This is ripe for an updating upgrade. And since it's an RPG design, I can put in all the street-illegal stuff I want. Bollix anyone?

Image from the Wiki.

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