Monday, August 27, 2007

2037 Designs

Some notes about my 2037 designs.

1. A number of these are obsolete (e.g. compacts were once allowed to have 2-space turrets; the only radial tires were PR and having them on the front wheels was enough to raise HC). I am posting them because of nostalgia and to clear my game-inbox.

2. If a 2037 design has been upgraded, I will note that in the 'labels' section.

3. I designed these at the prime RPG ages (13-15 years old) and even while a young fry I displayed the flair for bad planning and flaboyant disaster that I am so proud of today. Some designs are so stupid that I have no idea what I was thinking... possibly I was just killing time in Spanish class (some designs were actually written in Spanish, possibly to cover as 'note-taking').

The only excuse I can give for some idiotic designs was that I actually took some of the worst into combat. And got thoroughly bashed.

4. Combat records will be included (and labeled) as well as design criticism from 20 years later.

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