Monday, August 27, 2007

Manna 2037 - RPG Subcompact

Subcompact, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Large PP, 4 PR tires, no weaponry, velvet glove trimmings, spoiler & airdam, Armor: F20 R13 L13 B16 T0 U0, Acc. 10, HC 3, 2760 lbs., $15,532 (no glove $5,532)

Design Notes - I use the label 'RPG' to describe a car not meant for arena dueling. These cars are the sci-fi/role-playing concepts. I mean, if a subcompact is a sports car, then what would a 2037 sports car look like? The above stinkeroo is one idea.

Note, back in '37 you needed to have a big engine to get consistently high acceleration. In years hence they invented High Torque Motors and instead of balancing weight-space-cost in engine size you just pay $400 and viola! Grrrr. Yup, I think HTM is a bad idea. Massive changes in game dynamics require more than just a few hundred bucks! Space and weight are much more difficult to manipulate and have much more of a design "cost" (ironically). Once HTM was introduced was it any surprise that almost every duelling car had them installed. Heck, they didn't even make you enter a new price range! Double grrr.

Name Notes - The original name was "Mammer."

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