Monday, August 27, 2007

Aston Martin design contest

As I mentioned below, I tried making an Aston Martin DB-V in 2037 or so, but botched it. For now, I'm uploading my whole 2037 series, but when that's done I'll try to re-design the DB5 for 2057. Until then, if any of you readers or surfers want to try your hand, here are the necessary stats.

Mid-Sized car with no price limit (it uses government MI6/CIA funds). Arena illegal items are acceptable. Should allow a driver and at least 1 passenger. Cargo space to fit a personal jet-pack is optional.

According to the Wiki, the Goldfinger version had these devices:
  1. Front firing Browning .30 caliber machine guns behind the front indicators
  2. Retractable blades in the tire spinners
  3. Rising bullet-proof rear screen
  4. Radio telephone
  5. Radar scanner and tracking screen
  6. Passenger ejector seat
  7. Oil slick spray from rear light cluster
  8. Caltrops from rear light cluster
  9. Smoke screen from exhaust pipes
  10. Revolving number plates [three countries]
  11. Front and rear extending rams
  12. Gun cabinet under driver's seat
  13. Bullet-proof windshield and rear windscreen
  14. A rear water cannon was added for Thunderball.
Design Analysis
  1. The MGs are probably Light MGs (.30 cal while the MG is traditionally described as .50). I can see it argued that there should be 2 LMG and possibly 1 regular MG can be allowed if the rest of the design is good.
  2. Closest thing in CW would be bumper-spikes, which aren't retractable. Maybe these can be considered an arena illegal 'military' design (small space, major damage to a car/tires)
  3. Another obsolete device. Maybe for game purposes this should be Metal componant armor (1 pt) around driver & front passenger
  4. LDR
  5. Pack in as many radar goo you want, you ain't payin' for it.
  6. Ejector seat, as above
  7. Oil slick; this can be a 1 shot discharger or a mini-OJ, yet to be invented
  8. SD - these may not need to have full loads since a lot of James Bond equipment seemed to work only once.
  9. SS - same as for the SD
  10. Another nice RPG device that should be in the next Uncle Al.
  11. Not sure if this is the same as a ram-plate, but probably.
  12. Obsolete in 2057 as people carry guns to church, so we'll assume all cars have these built in.
  13. Also standard equipment in 2057.
  14. Optional for this contest, especially since these don't exist in Car Wars yet, either.
For extra fun, I'll put up the stats for the later movies' versions of the Aston Martin. When I made the 2037 design *those movies hadn't come out yet!*

Image from the Wiki.

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