Monday, August 27, 2007

Shakespeare 2037 - Div10 Midsize

Midsize, Heavy Chassis, Standard Sus., Large PP, 4 PR tires, driver, Rct. Platform with linked Medium rockets, ATG front, SS with mag rear, 173 pts Armor: F40 R35 L35 B35 U20 T8; Acc. 5, HC 1, 5274 lbs., $9,898
  • Option 1 - take out rocket platform, upgrade sus. to Improved, add gunner & 5 pts. Armor, HC 2, 5280 lbs., $9998
Design notes - I added the option only recently because 20 years ago I seemed to have been enamored with the idea of massive firepower and didn't understand the need to have as high a HC as possible (something that I try to design for nowadays). As such, this can use some more, modern, tweaking to make a good nasty Div 10.

Name notes -  Original name was "Rolf."

Image from here (Updated in 2009)
[Second Update: Nov 12, 2013] 

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