Wednesday, November 6, 2013

James Bond, Goldfinger car, Aston Martin DBV (RPG)

Sedan, Xtra-Heavy Chassis, Heavy Suspension, 200 cid IC engine (Tubes/Blue/VP/Spr) (12dp), 6 gal. dueling gas tank, 4 FP-Radial-Solid Tires (11dp), Driver & passenger; 2 linked concealed MG (10/reg) front, OJ (19/reg) back - concealed in rear light cluster, SS (10/reg) back - concealed in exhaust pipes, SD (10/reg) back - concealed in rear light cluster, "Retractable blades in the tire spinners" (see below, same stats as retractable brushcutter), ramplate (disguised), ejection seat for passenger (no chute/glider), HRSWC, Active Suspension, HD-antilock brakes, HD-shocks, Overdrive, no-paint windshield, LDR, radar, radar detector, radar tracker/scanner, revolving license plates (custom, see below); 40 pts LR Metal Armor: F 10 (ram) B 9 R 8 L 8 T 2 U 3; HC: 5, Acc. 20 (Overdrive 10), Top Speed 100 (120), MPG 34, 6120 lbs. (max 6120), $51,777.50
  • Option, (from Oct 14, 2009): Midsized, Xtra-Heavy Chassis, Heavy Suspension, 200 cid IC engine (Tubes/Blue/VP/Spr) (12dp), 6 gal dueling tank (8dp), 4 FP-Radial-PR Tires (8dp), Driver (heavy pistol) & Passenger; 2 concealed linked MG (20/HD) front, concealed SS (10/reg) back, concealed SD (10/reg) back, 3 oil dischargers (concealed?) 1 back, 2 under, TC, ejection seat for passenger (no chute/glider), ramplate, Active Suspension, HD-antilock brakes, Overdrive, LDR, 76 pts Composite Armor (34 LR Metal/42 FP Plastic): F 8/6 B 8/6 R 8/6 L 8/6 T 0/13 U 2/5; HC: 5, Acc. 20 (Overdrive 10), Top Speed 105 (125), MPG 34, Range 204, 5760 lbs. (max 5760), $39,821.00

Design Notes - Here we go! This is a response to the design contest. [Nov 15, 2013: I added the 2009 option because I just found it in my draft pile; the first entry is the more thorough/thoughtful one]. 

What follows is the list (in bold) of the devices in the car according to the Wiki, and un-bolded how the above design fulfilled the requirements:
  1. Front firing Browning .30 caliber machine guns behind the front indicators 
    • There's a long debate about whether the MG is 30 cal or 50 cal.  I think it's 50 but the ADQ says it's 30.  At first I designed this with LMGs, but I saw that it was real wussy, so I used the full MG (so please don't use this to think I've resolved the debate).
  2. Retractable blades in the tire spinners
    • Unavailable in Car Wars, so I've used the same stats as a retractable brushcutter.  I'll put the stats in another post for how I think this could exist in the game.[Update, here's the post]
  3. Rising bullet-proof rear screen
    • There's no use for this in Car Wars world, is there?  Not included. 
  4. Radio telephone 
    • Hee hee hee.  Cellphones are standard for pre-teens now.  For the game, I made this the LDR.
  5. Radar scanner and tracking screen 
    • These are the 3 radar components: radar, detector (no jammer), plus a new item I've priced at $2000 (no weight/space) and works like in the movie, which appears like the modern GPS system.
  6. Passenger ejector seat 
    • This actually exists in Car Wars, as you would hope.
  7. Oil slick spray from rear light cluster 
    • Also exists in CW
  8. Caltrops from rear light cluster 
    • Also exists in CW
  9. Smoke screen from exhaust pipes 
    • Also exists in CW 
  10. Revolving number plates [three countries]
    • New device; I priced it at $400, no weight or space (and illegal)
  11. Front and rear extending rams 
    • Ramplates are standard in CW.  No rear ram, and I'm not sure why, and I didn't include it.
  12. Gun cabinet under driver's seat 
    • Probably standard equipment in all CW world cars
  13. Bullet-proof windshield and rear windscreen 
    • Standard for every car in CW world.

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