Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Beast 2037 - RPG Pickup (Obsolete)

Updated here.
Pickup, Xtra-Heavy Chassis, Heavy Suspension, Super PP, 6 Solid Tires, Driver, RL (20/incen) in UM turret, ITL in turret, LGL for 20 rockets, ID (25/reg) back, ramplate, cyberlink, Active Suspension, HD-antilock brakes, Overdrive, IFE, ATAD no-paint tinted windshield, ATAD linked to ID, weapon timer to ID, computer gunner, anti-theft system to 10 weightless grenades, LDR, radar, radar detector linked to radar jammer, 10 weightless smoke dischargers: (F B 2T, 2U 2R 2L); 1 bumper trigger front, 1 total link, 59 pts total for Wheelguards/Wheelhubs (you choose where), 222 pts FPRP Plastic Armor: F 50 (ram) B 40 R 40 L 40 T 30 U 20,  HC: 3, Acc. 5 (Overdrive 2.5), listed weight 7798 lbs. (real weight 7948, max 7800), listed cost $92,696.00 (actually $94,296) Also, as listed, 2 spaces over limit. 

Error Fixing Option - body is 2 space Ext. Cab, no anti-theft system, no AP grenades or dischargers, 168 pts armor: F50 (ram), BRL 30, TU 14, 7797lbs $94,788

Design Notes - I missed this one from my writeups back in 2007.  Ah well.

As seen from my worksheet back in 2037, I only had 4 instead of 6 tires.  Whoops.  Also back then, not only did dischargers/AP grenades not weigh anything but you could double up AP grenades and dischargers (and there were only smoke dischargers).  The quick fix was to add 2 spaces.  Not sure this can be viably upgraded.

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