Friday, November 1, 2013

Convoy Vehicles: Intro

With amazing luck, back in 2008, I found a copy of "Convoy" in a used bookstore for something like 1 or 2 bucks. Wow.  This was SJGames first, and as far as I know ONLY, module.  It's designed to be played even alone.  Why didn't they make more of these?

Here's the original write-up in ADQ v1 n1 (that's how old this is), and this is an article from ADQ v6n4 by Rodney Orpheus called "Convoy Tactics." 

The rules state that the player can use the stock truck (see below), plus $80,000 for custom vehicles.

Tractor: Magnum Motors "Middy" cab, driver & gunner, 10 Solid tires, RL with mag in turret, MG right, MG left, 2 linked MG front, 2 HRTC, 10 pt WG on all wheels, two AP flechette grenades each on top, right, and left, and one each front and back; armor: F45, R45, L45, T35, U40, B30; HC: 1, Acc. 2.5 til  25, 5 mph after.

Trailer: OJ, SD, SS back, SS back right, SS back left; three links: one links the three smokescreens; one, the three back weapons; one, all five.  The tanker has a quick-release kingpin. Armor: F50, B50, FR50, BR50, FL50, BL50, FT50, BT50, FU50, BU50. (The 50th point of damage breaches the tank.)

I have made some designs for the $80,000 stock cars.

[This post was a draft dated Aug 5, 2008]

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