Friday, November 8, 2013

Breaker 2037 - Div20 Midsized (Obsolete)

Updated here.
Midsized, Xtra-Heavy Chassis, Heavy Suspension, Large PP, 4 Solid Tires, Driver, RL (10/incen) front, 2 linked HR front, 2 linked HR back, HR on rocket platform, ITL on platform, LGL to all 15 rockets, 10 pts CA around TL (on rocket platform - OBSOLETE), ramplate, TC, bumper trigger front to all 3 weapons, 203 pts Plastic Armor: F 50 (ram) B 38 R 40 L 40 T 15 U 20; HC: 3, Acc. 5, 5760 lbs. (max 5760), $19,960.00

Design Notes - I'm noticing that I've left out a lot of my 2037 originals (and this one, as seen by the beautiful lines and lettering was after my freshman year class in architectural drafting).  This is obsolete because of the component armor around the TL.  I must not have understood the rules, who knows.

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