Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Weapon: Retractable Tire Shredders

Retractable Tire Blades$250, 30lbs, 1 space, 0 DP.

This is something from James Bond and I included it in my replica of the Aston Martin DBV.

Those stats above are for the brushcutter, and while in general I think things should weigh more, I'm also a stickler for consistency.  The other model is the retractable wheelguards which are $250, 50lbs, and 1space per pair, which I'll add to this as well, but instead of front/back, "pair" will be per side.

The write-up for the brushcutter states: "Extends or retracts in one second. Extending or retracting [it] is a firing action." So we'll keep that as well.  In the movie, these came out of the center of the tires and were able to shred the target's tires and chew up the side metal.  I think that they must come out of the axle, and so I'm thinking that the car won't be able to turn when it's deployed.  Also, there should be a hazard for both vehicles while the damage is occurring.  Damage should occur for each second.

So, proposed rules are that once the blades are deployed, the car cannot turn the wheels or the blades will break.   Once extended, any vehicle component next to the blade will take 1d6 worth of damage per second of contact, depending on a 1d6 roll: 1-2 front tire, 3-4 side armor, 5-6 rear tire.  If tire is targeted, then WG/WH will be affected in their same rate as other targeting.  The attacking car sustains a D1 hazard, the targeted car sustains a D2.

Again, these rules are proposed.  This really needs to be playtested.

UPDATE: Reader "Pat G" suggests this modification, which I think makes sense: "can only make D1 maneuvers"- which would allow drifts into the target.


Pat G said...

One small problem - if the wheels can't turn then you won't be able to contact the opposing vehicle as in the clip you posted. I would suggest "can only make D1 maneuvers" That will allow a drift into your victim

JC said...

"can only make D1 maneuvers" is a good idea. In the clip, I think the other car was waved into passing Bond and that's why the shredders worked, but your idea has more game usability. Thanks.