Friday, November 8, 2013

Choplifter 2037 - RPG Chopper

Standard Chopper, Small PP, pilot, 16 passengers, RL (10/reg) front,  71 pts Plastic Armor: F 14 B 14 R 14 L 14 T 1 U 14,  HC: 2, Acc. 5, 7994 lbs., $58,480.00

Design Notes - No, that's not metal armor, that's 14 pts of plastic armor each side.  Gadzooks.   This is another missed vehicle from my original 2037 write-ups; I guess I left it out because it's sucks so.  I think I should update this to make it more like the video game.

Name Notes - Named after a great video game of my day.  But this has no connection to that game chopper; what was I thinking??  (Pic below from here)

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