Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Armydillo 2037 - Div20 Van (Obsolete)

Updated here.
Type: Van, Chassis: Xtra-Heavy, Suspension: Heavy, Engine: Super Tires: 4 PR back, 2 PR-Radials front, Crew: Driver & Gunner & 3 passengers;  Weaponry: 3 MML (10/reg) in 3 sp. turret, PGS with mag (4/reg) back, Unweighted Accessories: 2 SWCs, Cargo: 6 spaces, 0 lbs. 160 pts Plastic Armor: F 40 B 30 R 30 L 30 T 15 U 15; HC: 3 (OBSOLETE), Acc. 5, Weight: 7200 lbs., Cost: $19,700.00

Design Notes -I think I wanted to have passengers, a low price, heavier armor van.  It's obsolete because of the PR-Radial problem.

Name Notes - Oy, these terrible teenage names.  And it's a name too close to Armadillo (an obsolete rules-breaking pickup).  I assume I named this because of the relatively heavy armor for a Van.

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